The Top 10 Things You May Not Know about Hiring a Video Production Agency

Video production companies are some of the core groups of the film industry, but not many people realize the full scope of what they do. Saying they “make and produce videos” doesn’t encapsulate everything these agencies do. If you were to, say, work with a video production company in London, here are ten things you may not know about these companies. Look no further if you’re looking for a production company new york. Their team of skilled specialists can assist you in producing high-quality advertisements and videos.

They aren’t the same as movie production companies

Despite the similarities in content, there is a distinct difference in the video production agencies that create all kinds of videos versus those who focus strictly on a specific video genre. Instead, movie production companies focus on creating videos specifically for television or streaming, so they are primarily entertainment-based and may not focus as much on educational content.

It all starts with the producer

The idea of these agencies is to help create a form of media content. What this entails can vary from project to project, but it will typically start with a producer who has a concept and then gets to work putting together a team to make this concept come to life.

 There are many different types of producers

There will be more than one ‘producer’ role in the production process when it comes to projects larger than micro-budget films. Some of these positions are pretty well known, like a showrunner, executive producer, and assistant producer. However, many different producers fulfil the different roles that different sorts of video production may require, such as the line, field, or segment producer.

Filming is way shorter than you think

Pre- and post-production will always take longer to complete when it comes to finalizing a project. Sure, filming may be one of the more critical aspects, as that is what you’re putting out there, but the planning leading up to filming is crucial in getting the best video possible. Post-production can take even longer as there is much editing, cutting, and shifting around in the direction of the final project now that you have a picture to work with.

Production company vs agency

Despite the everyday use of these words, there is a difference between a production company and an agency, specifically in this industry. The difference is that one is a talent agency that employs agents who represent the different actors, directors, and other creatives in the field. The other is a marketing agency that creates videos for the clients, and we use the word ‘agency’ typically when we refer to corporate video production companies.

It isn’t the same job as a studio’s

The studio’s job is similar, but they instead manage the aspects of video production in-house, hiring producers and directors to help with their projects. These producers and directors often have their own production companies. So it’s actually a studio that will approach a smaller production agency or company with their project instead.

Portfolios are helpful tools

Before you approach, it doesn’t matter where, it can be in New York or a video production agency in London, you should always compare your ideas with their portfolio. This gives you a good idea of the strengths and styles of the people you’ll be working with, as the portfolio is essentially them showing off their talents and skills, and it will give you an idea of their specializations.

It’s all smaller clips

A common trick when filming is to film shorter clips which are then put together for a longer video. This trick keeps your attention for longer as it keeps you more engaged, as it’s constantly changing. Clips can be as short as 4 seconds, but you probably won’t have noticed with good editing.

Video content still rules entertainment

Sure, there are many different forms of media content out there, but since video took off, it’s crested the top and has ruled ever since. While it may have changed significantly since it began, the video will still likely keep people entertained for decades to come as no other form of media is quite as adaptive, versatile, or engaging as film and video.

Greatness is in experience

You may have good ideas and good skills, but great execution of the entire production process requires experience. That’s why film school assigns so many projects, and that’s why veterans get so much respect and admiration, as experience and a name in the industry show just how well-developed and exercised your abilities in production truly is. Remember, there are many different facets of video production to specialize in too, so there are plenty of opportunities to find what suits you in the industry.

This is a multifaceted industry with so many ins and outs. There are all kinds of little details that one can appreciate once they know how the industry works. But for the person who doesn’t know what goes on behind the curtain, there’s a lot that might surprise you.