The Top 10 Tips Every Woman Should Know When She Starts Crossfit

CrossFit, for many, is all about developing strength, getting in shape and losing weight. Whereas some people already have the perfect shape, they might look to greater challenges such as showcasing their muscles or athletics skills.

Others engage in the activity for leisure, simply aiming to have lots of fun. Before you embark on your first CrossFit session as a woman and a beginner, there are several things you must know. For instance, you need the best women’s weightlifting shoes and the high-performance activewear.

Here are some tips to get you started on your newfound pastime:

10 Tips to Help You Kick off Your CrossFit Workouts

 1. What are Your Limits?

First, you need to know your limits. You don’t need a great shape to begin CrossFit. Scale your limits and begin at a level you find comfortable. Consistency is important to attaining good results. Proper scaling allows you to maintain the kind of intensity you start with. It also minimizes chances of getting injured.

2. Give Yourself Time to Recover

Whatever you do when not in the CrossFit box is as important as what you do when in the box. Take care of your body when outside the box. Get enough rest, eat well, keep active and sleep to help with your post-CrossFit recovery. Taking time to rest and eat well promotes faster recovery, minimizes injury and can improve your performance.

3. Nothing is Comfortable about CrossFit

You must get out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals. That applies not just to CrossFit, but anything you embark on. Whenever the tough gets tougher and you will like quitting, that’s the right time to push on. There’s no gain without pain. The harder you push and the more pain you feel, the greater the returns. And, the higher your chances of making it a habit.

4. Choose the Right CrossFit Box

CrossFit boxes are unique in goals, daily workouts, members, etc. Choose a box that won’t just help you reach your goals, but also see you come back for more. For instance, if you want to succeed in Games or Regionals, pick a box with coaches and athletes whose focus is customizing activities for competition.

5. Stretch Beforehand

Before you start CrossFit, stretch your muscles for warm up. It’s a good way to prepare yourself psychologically for the workout while minimizing injuries and improving your performance. Engage your entire body, adopt functional stretches and make sure they’re specific to your exercises.

6. Eat Well

Your goals should determine what goes into your mouth. For instance, an athlete’s nutritional needs differ from those of an individual training for leisure or weight loss. Consider protein shake post your workout sessions to help build muscle, foster fat loss and hasten recovery.

7. It’s Just CrossFit

High intensity and functional motions that keep varying are an essential aspect of CrossFit. Don’t focus on just one area, but all elements of the workout. It takes time to master all the skills involved.

8. Choose Quality over Quantity

The right technique reduces injury and muscle fatigue, and enhances performance. Don’t focus on time, but the right technique and form to improve your efficiency and quality of results. Time yourself, compete with yourself and push your limits, but stay safe.

9. Listen to the Advice of Your Coach

People will always have something to say, and advice to give. Although the advice is intended to help you out, you’re only starting out. So, listen to your coach strictly. Direct anything that seems unclear and require clarification to your coach. Listening to many people can be too much to handle for a beginner.

10. CrossFit Days aren’t the Same

On some days, you’ll do more and achieve better results than others. That’s just CrossFit.