The Top 2 Gaming Platforms As Of Now


The gaming industry has been growing since its advent in the early 90s. Since then, the gaming industry has been adding genres to gaming that are liked by different groups. As the pandemic hit, the gaming industry was growing all the more, and different platforms emerged. Online game review websites like, Valorant, etc., and offline games like God of War, and Cyberpunk 2077 took the world by storm.

At the current moment, there are many platforms on which you could game. However, only some of them are worth mentioning as the player base is more biased towards them. If you are a new gamer and still figuring out what platform you could go for, this may be the article for you. Here are the 2 gaming platforms which are the pinnacle of the gaming industry right now.

What are gaming platforms?

In layman’s terms, a gaming platform is an environment that allows you to execute a piece of software that supports certain kinds of games. You can think of this as an environment as there are different operating systems for a computer. Different gaming platforms allow you to have a different experience. When the gaming industry was established, only 2 platforms ruled it: Personal computers (PC) and consoles. However, things have changed; a lot more platforms have emerged. This has allowed the industry to go even more as there is something available for everyone.

PC for gaming

According to most gamers, this platform has been on top for what feels like forever. Most games that come into the market are supported by PC. Why do you ask? Well, because of the player base. Studies suggest that PC gamers amount to 48% of the total gaming community. Steam, which is a software that you can install on your PC to be a part of the gaming community, shows statistics that there are 91 million playing some sort of game.

PC gaming allows gamers to enjoy high-quality graphics along with many customizations, which makes PC gaming very versatile. A 5-year-old PC can easily run games that are released nowadays. You may need to tweak down a setting or two, but it still will be a good experience.


Nintendo released a lot of gaming machines to catch the attention of gamers. However, the one that broke all records was the most popular console Nintendo Switch. What it did was so revolutionary that it generated a whole new platform for gaming. Nintendo Switch provided gamers with a portable device that allowed them to play video games just about anywhere. The exclusive Nintendo games are still one of the most played games, from Super Mario Bros. to Zelda, Switch stole the show and sold over 20 million units when it was released.


Although these 2 are the top platforms right now, they are not too far ahead of gaming consoles by Sony Microsoft: Playstation and the Xbox. The gaming community is a group of wonderful people and allows everyone to join in and have fun in some form or the other. Find a platform that complies with your needs and preferences, and you will be good to go.


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