The top 4 music production tools of 2021 that you MUST have

If you are considering starting your own band, becoming a music producer, or recording your hit single from the comfort of your own home – we don’t blame you! Instead of hiring a professional studio and producer that can be thousands of dollars per hour, why not try to create your own professional studio at home? With inexpensive options that are nearly just as good as the top-of-the-line pro-technology, you can churn out your first album in no time. Let’s see a few music production tools that are an absolute must-have if you are considering starting your producing venture in your house – by using these tools, you can start your career off on the right foot with crystal clear sound!

Top 4 music production tools of 2021


Chances are you’ve heard of Garageband in the past. This long-lasting music production tool is a staple in the music industry – and for good reason! Garageband provides producers the ability to have sound like you would in a professional and fully equipped studio, such as interesting sounds, percussion instruments, rhythm lines, bass sections, vocals, and much more! If you do not have any more orchestras at your disposal, consider using Garageband to get started with adding background music and tracks to your album. You can use Producer Confidential to find out more about home studios.

Ableton Live Lite

Curious as to what Ableton Live is? You need this tool if you are a new music producer! Ableton Live is a music software that provides ample abilities for new musicians to fully customize and personalize their music performance. With the ability to include various effects, special sounds, and additional features, you can record any type of music. Use producer convenience to find out more about how to use this software!


Reverb is a very important musical sound effect that is a must-have for your home studio sound. Reverb is the sound that you will find in recording sounds that reflects the sound back to your ear. This echo from the musical sound will be able to provide an extra bit of character to your music when you’re recording sounds. Use reverb to make your song sound like it was recorded in a beautiful cathedral!

Valhalla compressors

Valhalla is a professional and well-reviewed music production company that churns out high-quality processors that are ideal for musicians of all levels. Their compressors come with various types, such as the delay (ideal for looping), vintage (perfect for old school songs), Room (the ideal option for precise sounds), and the Plate (the top choice for 1960’s sounds).


As you can see, choosing the top music tools for your home studio is the key to churning out hit singles and recording your first album. You don’t need thousands of dollars or a professional studio to begin making music – all you need are these four top music production tools in 2021! Consider purchasing Garageband, Ableton Live Lite, and a Valhalla compressor before you produce your new hit single!