The top 4 things you may not know about breast augmentation


Breast enhancements, such as breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic plastic surgery  that have been consistently on the rise. Breast enhancement procedures enhance the size and shape of breasts using implants. Many women opt for this procedure to give their breasts some shape mostly after experiencing loss of breast volume which can be as a result of weight loss or pregnancy, though for some it’s just to give their breasts shape and volume.

Many people and patients are not familiar with the procedure and are often surprised by what it entails. If you intend to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, you need to learn more about it and where to get the best surgeon to perform it. Below is helpful information, fascinating facts and 4 things you may not know about breast augmentation.

Nobody can find out that you had it

Anyone can have breast augmentation and still, no one will know about it. You might, however, need someone to drive to and from the operation theatre and one to take care of you for the first 24 hours. The people who will know about your surgery are your plastic surgeon, the operating room team, and yourself unless you want to tell someone else.

But your friends and boss aren’t likely to find out since the procedure is fast and you can return to work within 3 to 5 days after the surgery. Get in touch with a professional cosmetic surgeon and make consultations about the options available to enhance your breasts. For fast recovery options, check out surgeries with a 24 hour rapid recovery breast augmentation.

They may or may not need replacement

With breast implants you may or may not need to replace them though they aren’t meant to stay for a lifetime. If you are happy with how your breasts look and the implant are not leaking or ruptured, you can stay with them for more than 10 years, up to 30 years. You might want to or will need to replace your implants due to rupture or if you aren’t satisfied with how your breasts look.

Both shape and size matter

Breast implants are not just about size, the shape is also an important factor. The material used in the implants as well as the shape of the implant will determine how your breasts look after surgery. Where the implant is put either on top of the muscle or underneath it is also another important factor. Consult your surgeon about the options available and consider the size, material, shape and placement options depending on your proportions.

Breast surgery for cosmetic reasons is rarely included in insurance cover

Breast augmentation is not always covered in your insurance policy. In most cases, breast implants can only be covered by insurance when they’re part of breast reconstruction, especially after undergoing a mastectomy due to breast cancer.

These are not the only interesting facts about breast augmentation. For consultation and more information about breast implants, get in touch with a certified cosmetic surgeon to help you consider your options.

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