The top 5 features of a great slot game


Slot games have always been an important element of the casino world. They’ve only seen their popularity grow since casinos moved online. There are games such as Rainbow Riches that you see everywhere because of how popular they are.

Gaming online has opened up the world of casino gaming to a whole new level, but with it comes high expectations. As people get used to a certain level of slot game, these expectations grow and grow.

The gaming industry is always looking for the next big thing, but there are a few features that will ensure your players are happy. We’ve whittled it down to the top five features a slot game needs to be considered as one of the best, let’s take a look.

Top five features of a slot game

1. Great graphics

Online gaming is all about the visuals, so having everything looking sharp is key. Not only do gamers want their games to look good, they’re looking for good quality as well.

When online casinos were first starting, there was no harm in the graphics looking a little rushed or rough around the edges. But times have changed, and people’s expectations have grown exponentially.

A truly great slot game will have a lot of focus on great visuals, with realistic looking characters and a strong colour scheme. The game has to tread the very difficult line between being bright, but not so bright that it blinds you.

Not only do the graphics have to be good when players are playing on a computer or laptop, they also need to be fully optimised for mobile use. More and more people are choosing to play online slot games on their phones, and the optimisation is very different.

Taking the graphics to the next level on all devices is one feature that separates an alright slot game from a great one.

2. Fun bonus features

Everyone likes getting something for free and that’s why bonus features play a big part in a good slot game. Bonus features can be anything from a free spin or a cash prize. You can also have multiplier bonus features that will times your winnings by a set number.

Winning a slot game is a great bonus in itself, but these additional bonus features make players feel like they’ve won the jackpot. They can also make a player want to come back for more as they know that this game has treated them well in the past – a good omen for all game makers.

These little surprises can only bring players more joy and make the game more fun to play. Bonus features might also encourage players to stay in the game rather than cash out. Having these bonuses pop up at the right time can turn players into regulars.

3. Great soundtrack

Another great bonus feature of a top rate slot game is the soundtrack. Some soundtracks can become monotonous and leave the player feeling frustrated rather than enjoying the game they’re playing.

The soundtrack should fit the game, but not detract from it. The sound should complement the game and match up with how the player is doing. Players want to be encouraged to continue playing and get them into the groove.

Making sure your soundtrack is upbeat will encourage players to keep playing. It needs to set the tone without becoming irritating to gamers, which can be a difficult line to tread. But get it right, and you’re on to a winner!

4. Wide range of payment options

As gaming appeals to a wide range of people, the payment options need to appeal just as widely. It might seem like a small issue, but it can make a huge difference to players.

We all like things to be made simple, especially when it comes to dealing with money. Not having your preferred payment option could result in you leaving the site entirely – which isn’t ideal for anyone.

5. Multi screen capacity

One of the newer features you can find in a slot game is the multi screen feature. Lots of people like to have multiple slot games on the go at all times. However, switching between different tabs can become confusing.

Online casinos have found out about this issue and have rectified it with inventing the multi screen option. This way, players can choose to have their games all in one place. It makes it easier to see what’s going on with each, and switch between them with ease.

It might not be a necessity for every gamer, but it definitely makes life easier for those who enjoy spinning many plates simultaneously.

The perfect slot games have all of these attributes to keep players involved and entertained. What do you think – are there any features you think are missing from this list?

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