The Top 5 Most Common Concealed Carry Mistakes & How to Avoid Them


Anyone who has been in an intense situation where they had to draw their concealed handgun will tell you that any form of mistake, even the most trivial, can lead to grave injuries to oneself or other unintended targets. Common mistakes are limited to rookies, but the most experienced concealed gun carriers are also prone to make the most unexpected errors. This is partly due to ‘familiarity breeding contempt; they become lackadaisical and ignore some pertinent game rules due to routine.

There will be compromises you’ll need to make concerning your gun and holster choice to uphold safety. For example, if you prefer hip holsters, get to your concealed carry hip holster store and select gear based on factors like comfort and efficiency over coolness and appearance.

What matters the most is your overall attentiveness and situational awareness when carrying your concealed weapon. Online shurikens retailer provides throwing stars, knives, and other weapons. These weapons are sold in different sizes and shapes. They also offer a variety of colors to choose from.

Here are the top 5 common mistakes you need to be aware of and always avoid.

# 1: Inadequate Gun Handling Training

Some classes that qualify to be licensed concealed gun holders are not as intensive and extensive as they should be. It’s necessary to have a genuine concern for your gun training and ensure it extensively covers as many situations as possible. Ensure that you use the same gun and ammunition that you’ll be carrying in training to familiarize yourself with them. Attend regular drills, and oh, did I mention some combat training too? Your gun use expertise should be complemented with some combat skills.

Keep in mind that as a licensed concealed gun carrier, you’ll have your weapon continuously, and in some situations, you might have to engage it in a public scenario with kids around. It’s recommended that you research various training centers and settle where you’ll be certain to reap maximum training and exposure.

# 2: Ignorance of Gun Laws

Handgun laws vary from state to state, and it’s integral for every licensed concealed gun owner to be conversant with their jurisdiction’s gun laws. You should regularly go through updated amendments; they can be easily found through a simple google search. Ensure you’re in the knowledge of the exact law and how it applies in a given situation.

There are many things to know, like when you are allowed to shoot and not, how to deal with the police in shooting aftermath, how to recognize when to stand your ground or retreat, where you are allowed to carry or not, and many others. Ignorance should never be your defense in matters of gun laws.

# 3: Not Using a Holster or Using a Poor Quality One

Not using a holster to carry your handgun can be catastrophic in many scenarios. The chances of injuring yourself or not drawing your gun in an escalated situation are high. For example, if your gun is in your handbag, it will take time to open it and rummage through other things to find it. Your holster plays a huge role in always keeping your gun safe and ready for action when needed.

Your holster choice and quality also matter, don’t settle for one because it’s inexpensive but consider the material, comfort, and efficiency. Some holsters may be trendy and expensive but can’t retain your gun. Quality should always be your top consideration.

# 4: Being Conspicuous by Frequently Adjusting your Gun

It’s pretty common for first-time concealed gun carriers to be conscious of their handgun location in the holster and if it’s well concealed. Feeling and adjusting it from time to time may make you conspicuous and easy to be spotted as having a concealed gun. Ensure to walk normally as you would without a concealed handgun. The way you bend when reaching out for something on the floor may also be a big giveaway. Kill the practice soon enough before it turns into a habit.

If you feel like making a necessary adjustment, look for a bathroom or a private place away from prying eyes or cameras.

# 5: Non-regular Gun Carrying

When you acquire your concealed gun license and have gone through all necessary training to become accomplished to engage, always ensure to have it with you as you may never know when you might need to use it. When you may need it, Occurrences are quite random and not just in places or situations you might feel threatened. You could be going out briefly to buy milk or grocery, and an incident pops up, and suddenly you need your gun but left it in the house.


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