The Top 5 things to do in Vietnam


Vietnam is among the most beautiful countries in the world. It has a long, complex history that world travelers hadn’t yet discovered but are now beginning to explore. Vietnam is full of breathtaking nature, beautiful culture, and notable landmarks – it has been recognized as one of the most superb and exhilarating locales to visit in the world. Vietnam actually has everything you’d desire to experience: great food, lovely sites and spectacular sceneries, among many others. There’s simply so many Things to do in Vietnam.

Here are the top 5 things to do in Vietnam:


1. Take a fun ride around Hanoi

Hanoi is well known for being the capital of Vietnam. Pho is the Vietnam staple food that you should try while touring Hanoi. Apart from the menu, you must also take some time to wander around the old quarter when you visit Hanoi. The place is a chaotic maze of old merchant shop houses that date back to about five hundred years ago. The buildings are very narrow and only two meters apart. It would be so much fun to ride through the narrow streets on a cycle.

2. Voyage Halong Bay on a junk boat

Ha, Long Bay is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. It can be viewed best from the deck of a junk boat. It’s one of the most beautiful bays with sceneries like no other. You could decide to sail during the day or even overnight. You’ll get to sleep and wake up on the boat to the beautiful sunrise above the haven.

3. Travel the world’s largest caves in Phong Nha

Phong Nha is a national park in Vietnam that is home to some of the most incredible caverns in the world. Around the same area, you will also find the oldest karst mountain in Asia which was allegedly formed more than 400 million years ago. Besides exploring the caves, you should also try to go mountain biking, hiking and bird watching in that area.

4. Visit Hue Imperial city in a carriage

Most people often overlook Hue in a hurry to get to Hoi An which is quite beautiful.  The Imperial city of hue is a great place to stick around. Each step you take inside the complex will take you back in time. You should consider going for an exciting tour around the city inside a traditional carriage and horse if it’s within your budget. Also, you need to bring lots of water as you tour this area.

5. Journey the Hai Van pass on a motorbike

The Hai Van pass and the coastal road which is in between Hoi An and Hue is probably the most fun ride in Vietnam. You can do this on your own, sit on someone else’s bike or even hire one. Either way, this expanse of an outstanding coastline is an exciting ride filled with narrow roads, change of climate as you go from north to south and hairpin bends. It’s a great idea to dedicate an entire day for this precise excursion. Wake up at the crack of dawn to get ample time touring the Hai Van pass. You will most definitely enjoy every part of it.

These activities will make your Vietnam tour extremely memorable. Have fun!

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