The Top Cartoons of the 2000s


As the year and decades roll on, many of us find ourselves nostalgic for the good old days. Most of us long for the carefree time of our childhood, and cartoons are a major part of such memories. 

One might feel that getting nostalgic for the cartoons of the 2000s is a bit too early, but why shouldn’t we? After all, those who had their childhoods in that decade are now full-fledged adults, working proper jobs, and taking on several serious responsibilities. 

Now that the economy is so stressful, it’s not surprising that several folks are relaxing by downloading or streaming cartoons from the 2000s. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options from that era. We might even find some new favorites!

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Tune in to the major cartoon channels during the 2000s, and you’d probably get a glimpse of an episode or advertisement for the cartoon series “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. It’s now considered a classic cartoon that could be enjoyed by just about any age group. 

Some might know about this cartoon from the movie Shyamalan, but that work wasn’t very well received. You’d probably do well to ignore it and simply watch the cartoon itself.

Avatar was actually one of the first cartoons to properly follow the true anime format of complex storytelling in a serialized structure. The characters are well-developed, the fantasy world is built in a complex manner, and the themes are quite serious. Plus, there’s a large amount of respect for Asian cultures, which is enough to recommend the series. 

Samurai Jack

Some cartoon experts might say that Samurai Jack was the epitome of American cartoon artistry in the 2000s. The plots might be simple in this series, but the sound design, directing, and animation are excellent. 

This cartoon is special in many ways, but perhaps most of all in how it treats its viewers. Instead of loud noises, crashes, and numbing violence, it gave the viewers a taste of contemplative silence as well as some crazy action. 

More recently, we have the fifth season of this series, which is mainly for those who grew up with the earlier seasons. This concluded the series in a somewhat dark manner which was still satisfying. 

Invader Zim

This is one cartoon series that you might not even have heard of during the 2000s. It had more of a cult following and only boasts about 27 episodes. The last six of these weren’t even officially aired, but they’re available online now.

However, the cartoon itself was still popular enough to inspire some movie revivals and even a comic. Even if you watch the show now, it stands the test of time and it worth all the hype it created back then. 

The basic premise here is about an alien (who isn’t very smart) who’s trying to conquer a certain planet. The said planet is populated by humans who are about as stupid as the alien. Given that the series released in 2001, it’s amazing how it’s still a very relevant satire today. 

You should be warned; this cartoon is probably not suitable for young kids. Older viewers would probably enjoy the twisted graphics, the making fun of humankind, and even the violence without getting too disturbed. Overall, the experience is hilarious but also thought-provoking. 

Justice League Unlimited

There are many fans of the Justice League now, but some of them might not know about the original series that aired in the early 2000s. These cartoons were from Bruce Timm, which is a known name when it comes to DC superheroes adaptations. Some might even say that this particular series showed off his talents to the utmost. 

This show featured just about every DC hero that you can find in history, telling their stories in several tones. There’s even an Alan Moore adaptation here that the original actually approved of. Suffice to say, if you enjoy the Justice League, you will enjoy this cartoon series. 

Teen Titans

As a 2000s kid (if you are one), Teen Titans must have piqued your interest at some point. There are quite a few cliffhangers left over from the original show, but there are now talks about a follow-up on these soon. You might want to catch up before all the answers are revealed!

Even if Teen Titans isn’t coming back anytime soon, it’s still a nostalgic memory for many young millennials. there’s plenty of action, though the heart and humor are also included. A word of warning, though; the theme song is extremely catchy and might not ever leave your thoughts. 

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Kids today are still enjoying The Powerpuff Girls cartoons, but its creator had another delightful in the 2000s. This was known as the “Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends”, and ran for no less than six seasons. 

This is a comedy that runs on the premise of imaginary friends living in the same place. The designing alone is beautiful, making this show both a visual and mental treat. It might be a simple layout, but the personality of this series is simply unforgettable. 

There are also some very sweet themes in this series, which should make it a good choice for comfort watching. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to revisit their childhood by watching cartoons from the 90s or the 2000s.


Millennials and those from Generation Z will certainly get excited by at least some of the names in the above discussion. Luckily, we now have ample means to purchase such cartoons in the DVD format or simply download them online. 

Some of the best cartoons from the 2000s might be well-known while others are somewhat obscure. However they might be received, there’s a lot of quality content that you might be missing out on. Some of these cartoons might even be getting revivals as we speak, so it’s not just 2000s kids in the audience. If you like cartoons in any case, starting one of these series isn’t a bad idea. 

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