The top Going Back to School Essentials that you need this year

Every time a new school year is about to start, many kids and parents make a list of all the back to school essentials that they will be buying. But it’s not just the students who prepare for the start of classes. Teachers also prepare their supplies in order to assure that they are ready for the school year. These supplies are very varied, from the books and notebooks they will use, to various craft and decorative materials for the classroom. 

If you are wondering what school supplies you might need, here are some of the essential classroom supplies you need to add to your list.

1. Zipper storage bags

You would think that a zipper storage bag would be more appropriate for the kitchen, but you’ll find out just how essential this is inside the classroom. You can use it for storage purposes, for your things, and for the student’s things. If jewelry broke or they spilled something on their clothes, you can put them inside the bag for them to bring home. If you are handling younger students you might want to choose the slider type as it will be easier for them to open and close.

2. Pens and Markers

Teachers should have an array of pens and markers for all occasions. You need the standard black and red pens for writing and checking your students’ works. You can also invest in wet-erase markers (which are great for practicing lines and writing letters), and some dry erase markers for board work with your students. Don’t forget to also buy some Sharpies for when you need to make charts and add some announcements on the bulletin board. Go for a variety of colors so that you can draw some designs and make them more colorful and pleasing to the eyes.

3. Label maker

There’s no doubt that teachers will have a lot of supplies inside the classroom. When you are handling elementary and preschool students, it’s important that they are not just arranged properly, but they should be labeled properly as well. Not only will these help the children know where to put the things back but it will also help you as the teacher find stuff fast. 

4. A cute craft project

Aside from the standard lessons to teach, you want to also allow them the opportunity to be creative. Preparing craft activities is a great idea. Check out these make your own grad cap and make your own hat that you can add to your list of must-have classroom supplies

5. Planner

Any teacher knows how important it is to have the right planner. They are of great assistance so that you can properly plan all the activities for the classroom. You can do your research as there are many available in the market. You might have your own preference on what you want it to look like. Some teachers even custom-make their own and just print it out.

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