The Top Psychological Tricks Played by Casinos


Every business uses psychological tricks to generate revenue from customers. From fast-food restaurants salting their fries to the layouts of grocery stores, there are countless examples in the marketplace. And casinos are no exception, with the top Las Vegas resorts adjusting their layouts to prevent fast payouts and online operators providing no deposit bonuses that have to be played through numerous times.

No Deposit Bonuses & Casino Loyalty

Now you don’t need money to start playing casino games online with a no deposit bonus. For anyone who doesn’t know, there are free casino bonuses that can be used to play games. Luckily this isn’t a psychological trick in that it’s possible to win real money if you meet the terms, but it is a smart marketing strategy to get new players interested.

In land-based casinos, you can find that the chain resorts have loyalty schemes. Therefore, it is worth registering and taking your card with you whenever you travel. As a player with loyalty points, you could be entitled to special treatment in the form of bonuses, drinks, dinners, and overnight stays for the high rollers. Anyone who has loyalty points to use is unlikely to stay away from their favorite casino.

Looking from the outside in, a casino bonus can appear like free money. To avoid bankruptcy, however, a casino site must protect its interests and make bonuses more challenging. Otherwise, everyone would be claiming bonuses from every casino online and use the funds to spruce up their fashion collection.

Preventing Fast Casino Payouts

Finding a fast payout casino where you can receive winnings quickly in bank account does require effort. For starters, a standard wire transfer into your bank account can require a few business days before it is cleared. Fortunately, there are options for obtaining a fast casino cashout process and receiving your winnings much more quickly.

Instead, what you can try and do is connect your bank account or debit card with an eWallet. By connecting to an option such as Neteller, PayPal, or Skrill, you can receive the funds more quickly. Compared to wire transfers, there are casino sites that can complete withdrawals to eWallets in 24 hours or quicker. This way you can take the funds into your possession earlier and personally send them to your bank account.2

With a land-based casino, the operators can be a bit tricky when placing the cashier desk. Rather than situating the desk right beside the most popular casino tables and slot machines, you will find it stuffed in the back somewhere – preferably behind some shelves or an obstacle. This is to make players think twice before cutting their gaming session short and trying to cash-out their chips. Also, the fact that players wager with chips rather than cash can create a sense of detachment with the process.

The Layout is a Maze

As in a grocery store, the casino floorplan is designed to funnel visitors throughout the complex. In a grocery store, the management team wants you to walk past different aisles and see offers along the way. Ultimately, the hope is that you will see other products that you will choose to purchase on an impulse.

And this philosophy is also adopted in land-based casinos, which are carefully designed to create specific quadrants. For example, you can’t reach the roulette wheels without walking past the craps tables. And a sneakier example would be the placement of the restrooms, which often require you to pass by row upon row of slot machines on your way there.

Las Vegas Casinos & Comps

Looking back, Las Vegas casino operators were renowned for providing complimentary drinks to keep players at the tables. Now, it must be noted that the casino didn’t provide drinks to just any players. Basically, you had to be playing consistently rather than standing around the tables and observing the action. For example, you might receive one drink for every hour that you spent sitting at a blackjack table.

In special cases, the casino could offer to comp your meal or offer a stay in the hotel. This is like winning a different sort of jackpot in that you can boast to your friends about receiving VIP treatment. However, you have to work harder now for comps. It isn’t simply a matter of tipping your server or the bartender. These decisions are now made by the pit bosses or the supervisors who are viewing the casino floor on cameras.

Pleasing Sights and Sound

Despite evolving and going online, casino games share similar DNA whether they are played digitally or physically. Fundamentally, all games are made with pleasing sights and sounds for players to enjoy. For instance, a roulette wheel has to sound satisfying when the ball bounces around before coming to a stop on a winning bet. Another satisfying sound has to be the chink of chips when they are placed on the table, and this can be enjoyed on blackjack, poker, roulette, and more.

Slot machines also have an integral role to play in this strategy, with pleasing noises going off whenever a win is triggered or a special feature is unlocked. Bright lights can also be emitted and users can want to keep playing to achieve those outcomes again. With the introduction of story-driven slot machines, there are even more ways to integrate sights and sounds that are designed to please the senses.

All-day Lighting

As reported by Business Insider, land-based casinos adopt a strategy of restricting players’ views of outside. In case you weren’t aware, this action is taken to ensure that players aren’t constantly checking the time of day. Furthermore, you are unlikely to see any clocks on the casino floor.

By lacking awareness of time, players are less likely to leave in a hurry. Also, the casinos adjust their lighting to ensure that a balance is kept whether it is daytime or night-time. In turn, this makes it more likely for players to feel like it is okay to still be awake and gambling, even if it is four in the morning.

Big Wins Are Announced

Nothing is more inspiring than seeing a ticker of the latest big wins at an online casino. You can see if the player has won thousands of dollars, when the win occurred, and which game they played. In some cases, this can cause users to go and play a game from the winners’ list and see if they can also ride their luck.

And that logic is merely an advancement on the tried and tested casino strategy of drawing attention to wins on the casino floor. All of a sudden, glamorous ladies will show up at the craps table and start screaming with joy when a win occurs. If a slot machine pays out a jackpot, there will be sirens and everyone’s attention will be drawn to the area. All of this is to show that players can win in this casino.

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