The Top Reasons to Use Vaping to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is among the most popular new year’s resolutions every year for two reasons. The first is that smoking is an unhealthy habit which every smoker would benefit from giving up, and the second is that actually doing so is very difficult so many smokers who set the goal one year find themselves doing so again when the next new year comes around. The unfortunate truth of quitting is that it is a difficult process and often requires not just great mental strength but also the use of the best quitting aides. Fortunately, there is a modern solution which has been found to be nearly two times as effective at helping smokers quit the habit as other nicotine replacement options — vaping.

They’re Safer Than Cigarettes

The primary benefit of vaping is also the main reason to quit smoking altogether. Simply put, vaping is healthier than smoking. While vape juice used in a quitting program still contains nicotine, cigarette smoke also contains many other harmful chemicals as well. With vaping you can satisfy your nicotine urges without taking in the more dangerous components of cigarettes.

A cigarette habit can be particularly challenging for individuals with asthma. Smoking reduces your lungs’ ability to function at their peak which is exacerbated by asthma. Vapor has a less detrimental effect on your lungs allowing you to breathe easier.

Vaping Saves You Money

Smoking isn’t just hazardous for the health of your lungs, it takes a big hit out of the health of your bank account as well. The cost of nicotine ejuice is comparatively low, allowing you to get far more bang for your buck the next time you need a hit of nicotine to quell your urges. For heavy smokers who consume in excess of a pack of cigarettes every day the savings begin to add up quickly, and even light smokers will benefit financially from making the switch.

Keep Control In Your Hands

When you make use of a nicotine vape product you give yourself substantially more control over your nicotine intake. While other quitting aids like patches use a slow and steady application of nicotine to fight off the desire to have a smoke. When a strong yearning comes they are not well suited to help you fight it off. With a vape product, you can have a quick puff to make that desire go away without resorting to breaking out the lighter and having a smoke. “Just one” cigarettes usually lead to “just one more” and then another after that, so staying away from that first cigarette is a valuable aid.

By choosing the right vape product you also can control your emissions much better than with cigarettes. There are options for big, showy clouds, but also low vapor choices for when you don’t want to be an inconvenience for those around you.

Additives Make You Feel Great

Another excellent perk of vaping is the ability to supplement your vape juice with helpful additions like essential oils. More and more consumers are turning to oils for maladies like achy joints. With vape juices you can mix in the oils you need with your vape in order to help yourself heal up at the same time you combat your smoking urges.

There are few lifestyle choices which have a more positive impact on your health than making the decision to give up smoking. No matter whether you are a light smoker or go through multiple packs a day, making the switch to a nicotine vape product helps you to wean yourself off of nicotine while reducing your exposure to other chemicals and allowing you to enjoy delicious flavors.