The Truth About How Often Does Your Roof Need To Be Replaced


It is possible to give a general guideline on how long a roof will last depending on what it is made of:

  • Wood shingles – up to 25 years
  • Asphalt – up to 30 years
  • Rubber – up to 50 years
  • Metal – can last as long as 75 years
  • Tiles – almost indefinite and certainly as long as the house

But, the real question isn’t how long will it last, but how well has it been looked after? A roof that has been looked after will last the maximum length of time. If it hasn’t, it is likely to fail quicker. In fact, it can fail in half the time!

Your roof may not always be easy to inspect, after all, it is not always easy to see what is happening on the outside of it. That’s why you should invest in an inspection from a reputable building consultant Sydney. Ideally, this should be done twice a year, once at the end of the summer to allow you to prepare for winter, and once at the end of winter to repair any damage.

This will help your roof to last for as long as possible. In the process, it will also protect your home. A leaking roof will allow water into your property. This can create damp stains and will soak the wood, leading to wet rot and potential structural issues.

Things To Check For

If you are comfortable with heights and can get to your roof safely then there is no harm in taking a look at your roof yourself. Just remember that roof tiles can be surprisingly fragile, you need to tread carefully.

When on the roof look for cracked shingles or any that are missing. You should also look for any signs of issues such as excess moss in one place or dark patches. This indicates there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

It is also worth looking from inside the roof. You will be looking for any evidence of a leak, specifically damp patches on your beams or signs that the wood is rotting or moldy.

Alongside this, you should check the roofline. It should be horizontal and parallel to the ground. If it is sagging the wood is struggling and needs to be looked at. It may be damaged and need to be replaced or you may be able to support it better.

Regular inspection by professionals will identify the issues you miss. The earlier this is detected the easier it is to rectify. You should also pay attention when the weather is bad, you may even be able to see leaks in your loft space. After a storm always check the roof to ensure it hasn’t been damaged.

Again, prompt repair prevents damage from occurring and will save you the cost of replacing your roof. A well-looked after roof may last much longer than the guidelines, ensuring you never have to deal with the cost of replacing it.

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