The Two Indonesia’s Favorite Cars – Innova Reborn and Toyota Agya


We all are fond of luxurious, whether it’s living, style, or vehicles. If you are a big fan of Toyota, you must know it’s fantastic car Innova Reborn. It’s not only stylish in appearance but also highly comfortable. It is developed with advanced technology and so much to offer for your driving experience. Do you want to know all about it? If yes, read this guide from beginning to end.

All You Need To Know About Toyota Innova Reborn

The car was launched in 2019 in Indonesia under the Toyota Motor Corporation. If you talk about its interior, it has many more to offer like luxurious and stylish MPV, a driver that tells you about the route and destination in English, fully A/C. You can take with you five more passengers on a ride, with ample space and comfort. Not only the spacious cabin, the suspension and dance effects of Kijang Innova Reborn are also perfect, using double wishbone and coil springs and stabilizers on the front suspension. The rear suspension uses 4-link coil springs and lateral roads. No wonder the Kijang Innova is the flagship car of the Reborn family.

Some Highlights of the Car

  1. The engine offered has two options: a 2,000 cc petrol engine and a 2,400 cc diesel engine with three trims, such as G, V, and Q.
  2. The petrol engine is coded 1 TR-FE DOHC with dual VVT-i technology; the machine can deliver 139 hp at 5,600 rpm and 182 Nm at 4,000 pm.
  3. Meanwhile, the diesel engine uses a 2 GD FTV engine with unique rail technology, with 149 hp at 3,400 rpm and 342 Nm of torque at 2,800 rpm.
  4. When Ottoscan visited several showrooms in the Tengrang area, it was discovered that according to information from used car dealers, the most demanding variant was the Innova Reborn diesel 2.4V type automatic transmission.

Now, let’s move on and tell you what another buzzed car from Toyota in Indonesia is. So, keep reading the guide to learn about Toyota Agya, one of the best releases for Indonesian people.

A Quick Guide On Toyota Agya Indonesia

The new Toyota AGYA, a modern and innovative car with a sporty feel, bold, and unique appearance. No matter long you go, the car will reflect your passion for driving. It assures your Efficiency, powerful driving, safety, fun, and many unforgettable moments!

If you consider its safety, then you must know that the anti-skid braking system (ABS) can help ensure that you have steering control when braking. ABS controls the movement of the wheel and prevents it from locking up or any other trouble. Electronic brake force distribution (EBD) integrated into Toyota’s ABS technology.

Toyota Agya was manufactured by Toyota and designed by Bi Daihatsu, manufactured by Bi Astra Daihatsu Indonesia. The name “Agya” wise brand Sanskrit word that means “vrat.” The car announces as Toyota at the 2012 Indonesia International Motor Show, Astra Daihatsu’s answer to the Indonesian government’s LCGC rule plan. Initially, Caur Wis can uses for pre-ordered, after the exhibition, but because manufacturers have to wait for the government to regulate LCGC fees, it lasted annoyingly for several weeks. Agya an Ayla uses the same 1.0-liter 1KR-FE three-cylinder engine as Aygo.

In Indonesia, Ayla has different models; you can choose automatic or manual transmission. The lower model is 1.0 deep, 1.0 D or more, 1000000, and 1.0 X.

In July 2013, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) Road to Chaos will import Agya in December together with Mitsubishi Mirage. It will take a different name for Mercat in the Philippines. In January 2014, TMP announced that Caur would be crying by Wigo. In the second week of September 2013, Agya officially launched a welcome public event in public.

The Closing Thoughts

You are now pretty much aware of the Toyota cars leading in Indonesia, which are Toyota Innova Reborn and Toyota Agya. We hope you find all the mentioned information in the above guide useful.

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