The Types of Digital Marketing: A Guide for Companies


Digital marketing has quickly become one of the best ways to attract new customers to a business. You can reach people from all over the world, which means even small businesses have a chance to build global companies.

That’s why many companies now focus most of their efforts on digital channels. Reports show that 72.2% of marketing spend is for digital content.

You’ll need to become familiar with the types of digital marketing if you want to make the best choice for your company. Below are the common types of digital marketing services available to businesses.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular methods of driving free traffic to websites. You focus on creating informative and longform articles on your site and optimize them to rank for keywords.

These keywords are the terms people type on Google to find information. You can use research tools to get search volume and determine which terms people search for the most.

Once you have great content, you can work on technical website optimization to offer a great user experience. Once you completely optimize your website, you’ll focus on building links to build your website’s authority.

Once you have a combination of great content and website authority, Google will trust your site enough to rank you on the first page, and you’ll start seeing the benefits of SEO.

Email Marketing

You aren’t finished marketing to customers once they click on your ads. Many people won’t be ready to buy from your company when they first visit. You’ll need to expose some people to your business several times before they’re ready to buy.

The problem comes when you need to get someone’s attention again. Some people will come back on their own, but others will need some help from you. That’s where email marketing helps.

Email marketing is the practice of collecting emails from current and potential customers to advertise your business. You have complete control over this marketing method and don’t rely on a third party. That makes email a cost-effective way to reach back out to people and convert more people into customers.

PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is one of the best ways to get quick traffic to your website. Instead of relying on organic traffic that takes time to build, you bid on ad spots to fast-track your way to the top advertising spots.

Since you can immediately get traffic to your website, you can send that traffic to new products to test how well they perform. Even if you don’t break even, you can gather valuable data that will help you refine your offering.

PPC marketing gets even better once you optimize your campaigns to start making a profit. As long as you continue funding profitable campaigns, your only limit is how much you can fund your ad campaigns and how many people you can reach with your ads.

You may need to modify your ads every so often as ad blindness sets in, but you’ll make plenty of profit in the meantime.

Social Media Marketing

Many people spend their time online browsing their social media feeds. You won’t find them on search engines or random websites unless they have something specific to find.

This makes social media a great place to grow a business. You can create accounts on the sites your customers frequent and build your following there.

Once you have a successful business page, you can post engaging content for your followers to read and watch. The great thing about this is that people can share your posts with their network.

Sharing like this can go viral and help your company gain exposure it wouldn’t get through other content marketing methods.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing method that relies on other people to promote your products. You offer your affiliates a code or link that tags them as the people who send customers to your website.

If an individual makes a sale with your affiliate link, they get tagged in your system. You offer a commission based on the total sale.

This is an excellent marketing method if you have a product with great profit margins but don’t have a large ad budget. Other people will promote your products for free, and you won’t pay any money unless they make sales.

If you treat your affiliates right, you can attract a team of affiliates that will blow up your products across their advertising networks.

Video Marketing

Video now makes up a lot of internet usage today. Reports show that the average consumer now watches an average of 100 minutes of video per day on the internet. That opens a great new avenue to make your products known.

You can invest in video ads if you want to keep things simple. You’ll create short video advertisements and place them on videos that your audience watches.

If you want to build more trust in your business, you can create a company video channel and post informative content. You can use your channel to inform potential customers and grow your brand presence on video platforms.

Now You Know the Main Types of Digital Marketing

You have many options when growing a business online, so it isn’t always easy to figure out the best path. You have many types of digital marketing to consider and need to figure out the pros and cons of each one for your company.

However, you should now have much more information about your options that will help you make the best choice. Keep the digital marketing services above in mind so you can make the right choice and take advantage of the benefits of digital marketing for your business.

Check out the rest of our blog for more in-depth information that will help you create and optimize your digital marketing campaigns.

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