The Ultimate Checklist for a Lazy Friday Night with Friends

Friday nights, for some, were meant for going out and partying. But why would you do that? You already woke up early to get to work. Why would you burn the midnight oil and party half-heartedly, only to get sleepy at around 10? Friday nights were built to stay in and chill. A chill Friday night with a few friends is always in order. It’s the one activity that doesn’t get flack or pushback, ever. But to do it right, you need a few things right. You need to make sure that the night stays chill. But if it doesn’t? That’s chill, too. If you’re confused as to what that means, you probably need more lazy Friday nights. If you’re new at this, or you’re looking to upgrade your lazy night in-game, here is the ultimate checklist to keep the energy flow and the good times rolling.

1. Bud. Good Bud

First thing’s first, we need to get that A-1 Loud Ganj. Oh, what did you think we meant when we said: “a lazy night in”? It’s the best vibe-setter there is. What else would convince a group of people to stay in and chill? Now, you can either go to the dispensary and wait in line, or you can use a Mail Order Marijuana service to get it right to your door. The latter sounds better, doesn’t it? Services of this nature ship to all major cities in Canada in airtight, fresh seal packaging. That means that if you plan, you can order enough for a few lazy nights.


Perfect for the colder months. Perfect for any night. The best part about ordering online is that you have a full warehouse worth of variety to choose from. You’re not limited to what they have in front of you at the dispensary. Do you have a particular strain in mind? They got it. You want it ASAP? They can do it. So secure the bud before anything else. The rest of the night can precipitate from that alone.

2. Good Food

If you’ve got that good-good, it only makes sense that the next thing on the list is food. Good food makes the world go round. Granted, if you’re a lightweight with the bud, all food will be delicious. But for the veterans out there? Textures and flavors are kings. Find something that is both delicious and easy to handle. Poutine is awesome, but it is a bit “on the nose” for a Friday night session. With all the delivery services available. A sushi platter does wonders. Throw it on the coffee table, put on your favorite movie, and keepsake on the side. Or, if you’re not into sushi, sliders are a close second. White Castle made their debut recently. Why not get a whole mountain of those while watching Harold and Kumar get theirs? Or, if you’re adventurous, shuck a platter of oysters and have a bottle of Belve on deck.

Good Food

3. Music

The ambiance is part of the set and setting of a good night. It can be either the main thing or the vibe that prevails into the night. Music is the best part of a lazy night. Why? Because you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is have a setup with the AUX cord or a Bluetooth speaker up for pairing. Let your guests handle the music. You don’t want to be the host that holds everyone hostage to their music taste. Not everyone likes The 1975. Broken Social Scene is overplayed. Mac Demarco is fine, as long as it’s his first two albums. For this reason, why not let your guests pick the playlist? It will be fine. That is unless you’re a music snob. If that’s the case, stop being a music snob already. Nothing kills the vibe faster than music disagreements. Keep it in check.

4. Movies

Movies are a highly variable point on this checklist. It all depends on the mood you want to set. With music, if you’re in an OVO mood and someone starts playing Bad Brains, you’re gonna tell them to maybe skip the song. With a movie, you have to commit hours to it. You have a cursory understanding of what it’s about, probably based on the trailer. But you could be an hour and a half in and the vibe just doesn’t match what you were expecting of the night. It could be decidedly not chill. Pick your movies wisely

5. Cleanup

Cleanup is always good to think about before the morning. If you put in some simple rules, you can rest assured that your place won’t look like a complete and total mess the next day. Have trash bags set up by and around the kitchen? Have people stick to one cup if they can and have their name put on it. Anything that can be tossed should be tossed before they leave. Cans of beer and such should be poured out and placed in the recycling bin. You can always sweep and wipe down surfaces the next morning. But if we all know that the most annoying part of cleaning up is the mess collection. Let your guests be responsible for their mess. We’re assuming that they’re not going to be turning the place inside out. But even if they do, the basic rule of everyone handling their garbage should do away with at least half of the morning-after cleanup.

6. Schedule Another One!

If it’s a success, why not schedule another one? In this day and age, not very many people are going out anyway. Bars aren’t a thing at the moment. Even when they get back to speed, why not save the $100 you were going to spend on shots and Ubers and use it towards bud and sushi platters? That’s a heck of a lot more fun. Make it a thing.


Staying in and getting lazy with friends is highly underrated. Everyone wants to go out and get wild in the streets. No. That may have worked a few years ago, but in this day and age, we can chill at a lower speed. We can dictate how the night goes. If anything, a blunt, some friends, and a great album beats bad EDM and Chads at the bar any day.