The ultimate guide to energy saving

There is no insider knowledge more useful than how to reduce an energy bill. The cost of living is likely front and centre of most people’s worries and concerns, especially with the rising fuel prices, increased food bills, and the added bonus of higher interest rates. Consequently, we live in a time when every penny saved is essential.

Here we list some of the best ways to save on your utility bill. Saving on energy is a great place to start, considering the energy cap has increased, and our bills are likely to double over the next year. While these tips alone won’t significantly move the dial on our expenses, they will add up to a significant saving over a year.

Just 1 degree of difference

Turning the dial on your thermostat can make a big difference to your gas bill. If you go from 21 degrees to 20 over a year, you will be saving £80, which is a healthy chunk of money. While most of us feel cosy at 21 degrees, we are more than comfortable at 20 – and putting on a jumper could open the possibility of 19 degrees.

Smart Thermostat

To make the setting of your heating accurate, change to a smart thermostat. The smart thermostat control panel allows you to precisely set the temperature you want – and you can control it from your phone. By controlling your heating from your phone, you can switch it on when you are 30 minutes from home and arrive at an inviting home. You do not have to heat an empty home or be cold while it heats up on your return.

A smart thermostat can also give you the power to set a temperature for each room. We often need the heat to be less in our bedrooms and more in our living room. It is less about the convenience here, and more than the accuracy will help you use only the energy required to keep warm.

Service your boiler and radiators

Servicing your boiler costs about £80 a year, and the cost of a new boiler if your old one is poorly maintained is close to £1200 on average. However, an efficient boiler can also save you up to 20% in the cost of heating your home. Consequently, the £80 investment returns a lot of savings on household bills and expenses.

Equally, radiators needing bleeding are likely drawing excessive energy consumption from your boiler, and it will take a lot more for your home to get to the temperature you set. Therefore, a simple tour around your home with a radiator key can save you money on every bill.

Avoid phantom energy users

While this sounds like a ghost story, it is a tale of money lost. There are devices around your home that continue to suck energy even when not in use. We are all aware of the television on standby drawing almost as much energy as when it is switched on; we may have missed the toaster that uses electricity the whole time it is plugged in. Estimates suggest that 20% of your electricity use is lost to phantom energy users.