The Ultimate Guide to Paracord: Everything You Need to Know


Looking for a comprehensive guide to paracord? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will cover everything from what paracord is to how to use it in a variety of situations. By the end, you will be an expert on all things paracord!

What are its uses:

 Paracord is a type of rope that is made of nylon. It is named for its use in parachuting, as it can be used to secure a parachute. It has a variety of other uses, as well, including: 

  • Securing items during transport
  • Tying down objects in windy conditions
  • Creating a makeshift stretcher
  • Repairing broken equipment
  • Making a tourniquet in an emergency situation

The different types of Paracord available:

There are a variety of different types of paracord available at Cams Cords, each with its own set of unique characteristics. Some popular types of paracord include: 

  • The first type of cord is made to military specifications and is therefore very strong. It is also lightly colored, making it ideal for use in outdoor settings. 
  • Colored paracords: These cords are available in a variety of colors, making them perfect for crafting projects. They are also less likely to fade over time than some other types of cord. 
  • Glow-in-the-dark paracord: This type of cord glows in the dark, making it ideal for use in low light conditions. 

How to use Paracord in emergencies:

There are a few ways to use paracord in emergencies. One way is to create a makeshift stretcher using two long pieces of cord: 

1) tie each piece of cord around the waist of the person who will be carried

2) cross the cords in the middle and tie them together

3) tie each end of the cord around the person’s shoulders. 

Another way to use paracord in an emergency is to make a tourniquet: 

1) tie one end of the cord around the injured limb; 

2) twist the cord to create tension; 

3) tie the other end around the limb. 

How to make different items with Paracord:

There are a number of different items that can be made with paracord, including: 

  1. A belt: This item is simple to make and can be useful in an emergency situation. To make a belt, cut a piece of cord that is twice as long as needed; fold it in half and braid it together; knot both ends together. 
  2. A bracelet: Bracelets can be made from any type of paracord and can be customized to fit any size wrist. They are ideal for everyday wear and can also be used as an emergency item. To make a bracelet, cut a piece of cord that is about six inches longer than needed; braid the cord together; knot both ends together. 
  3. A necklace: This item can also be made from any type or color of paracord and can be worn on any occasion. It is simple to make and only requires one knotting technique. To make a necklace, cut a piece of cord that is twice as long as needed; fold it in half and braid it together; knot both ends together. 

Where to buy high-quality Paracord supplies:

High-quality paracord supplies can be found at most sporting goods stores or online retailers. When shopping for paracord supplies, be sure to consider the following factors: 

  • The type and quality of the cord material 
  • The strength rating of the cord material 
  • The color(s) available 
  • The length of the cord 
  • The width of the cord 
  • The price per foot or yard 


So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about paracord. By now, you should be an expert on all things related to this versatile rope. Be sure to keep this guide handy the next time you need to use paracord for any purpose.

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