The Ultimate List Of Garage Tools You’ll Need

These days, a garage can literally be turned into anything you want. Nevertheless, it will ultimately be the place where most of your tools are kept. Apart from the fact that your car needs maintenance from time to time, you’ll definitely need to have some tools kept handy for the maintenance of other things such as your home’s plumbing, electrical repairs, and gardening. In a nutshell, it’s a place where you can store essential tools required not only for the car, but also for other purposes.  Just like how essential it is to have an accurate digital caliper in taking measurements needed on almost every job. Some advanced tools are even capable of handling multiple tasks.  However, sometimes you think you’ve tooled up your best, but one day it’s like boom… you encounter a problem that you have to call a professional for, just because you don’t have the required tool to handle the task DIY style.

So here’s the ultimate list of tools you should have:

1. Hacksaw

The hacksaw is among the tiniest tools you can have in your garage. It will really not eat up much of your garage space. It’s an all-purpose tool that cuts through virtually any material, from wood to metal, plastic, and even bone. Hacksaws come in all variations, sizes, and shapes. But the most important aspect is to invest in a basic hacksaw that serves the main purpose. However small they may appear, hacksaws are handy must-have tools in any garage. To find the perfect hacksaw that provides you with maximum versatility, you’ll need to consider the following aspects:

  • Handle – This will be the part you hold when operating the hacksaw. It’s therefore crucial that you not only concentrate on the durability aspect but also on comfort. Rubberized handles are the best, as they help with securing the grip. Nonetheless, ensure that the handle best suits your needs.
  • Frame – The other most important part of a hacksaw is the frame. In most cases, hacksaw frames are found in adjustable options even though some are fixed. As pertaining to the fixed frame, it will only work with the specific length of a fitting blade. On the other hand, an adjustable frame is versatile in that you can have different sizes of blades.
  • Blade – Depending on the material you are cutting, it’s very important to consider teeth per inch (TPI) aspect, which is also referred to as tooth pitch. However, multipurpose blades will serve across a variety of materials. The thing is, fine teeth blades are ideal for cutting through very thin objects while the larger teeth are best suited for thick materials.  Be sure to check out for more great ideas.

It’s important to have a variety of hacksaw blades in your garage as they are the only part of the hacksaw that will wear off faster depending on the uses.

2. Jack Stands

In any garage, a jack will make the lifting of a thousand pounds seem like routine work. When lifting a car using a jack, most people don’t see the need to have jack stands in place. One thing to note is that jacks are never meant to hold heavy stuff in the air, but to lift them. Whether working on a car or a trailer, it’s imperative to have jack stands in the right holding spots at all times and they should be properly sized for a home garage to give you the best experience when it comes to car repairs. The right positioning and proper sizing are some of the safety features you should ensure when it comes to choosing vehicle lifting systems. Another important thing to note is that you can never be too sure of the hydraulic mechanisms in a jack, and just because your jack has never failed you, doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way. Failure to use a jack stand may cause you financial problems as well as bodily harm.

3. Power Inflator

Ever had a family fun day at home and had a miniature bouncing castle that never came with an inflator, but you really wanted your kids to have a blast? Well, there are so many applications that warrant the need to have such a power-tool in your garage. For instance, you may wake up one morning just to find that you had a flat tire and didn’t have the time to change it. A power tool is a must-have especially if you have kids around. It will come in handy in blowing rafts, tubes, and air mattresses to mention but a few. They come in all sizes and shapes. You’ll need to find the ideal power inflator that suits your budget needs and the size of your garage. You’ll never know the importance of one until when you need one.

4. Oil Can

Oil Can

They may appear little and worthless, but believe it or not, your home’s maintenance direly depends on that oily red can. In addition to this, this little can will help you in achieving your oiling routines with ease and in the most hygienic manner. They are not messy and the long nozzle ensures that there are no spills on floors as it gets to even the smallest crannies of machines that are typically hard for human hands to get to. In no time, those squeaky hinges will be dead silent and the mechanical operations of the lawnmower will be as smooth as it’s never been before.  So be sure to always keep a oil can available in your home garage.

5. Bench Vise

If you’ve worked alone in a garage, then you must know the importance of having a third hand. Some of the things you’ll be working on will need to be held in place, else, it will take you a gazillion of years to accomplish simple tasks. Compared to a third hand, a bench vise is much better in terms of efficiency and strength. This is a common tool used to hold things in place basically when working on a variety of applications such as woodwork or metalwork. They directly attach to a workbench to make your sawing, drilling, planning, and joining tasks seem easy.

6. Miniature Stereo

Who said that you can’t have some entertainment while working on some projects? Well, it will really not help you fix a broken brake caliper, but for some reason, nothing beats working on a car while listening to some catchy tunes. So if you find your stereo all dusty, it’s probably because you haven’t been working in your garage!

As you can see, there are so many tools that we may have regarded as less important. But come to think about it, they are the most essential tools we need in order to accomplish everyday chores. So if you lack the above tools in your catalog, best make the necessary steps to own them.