The Ultimate Local Franchise Marketing Guide


Franchisee marketing is a system that helps the owners to promote global brands at the local location. In the current global economy, business owners must make greater use of the internet and social media platforms. The digital channels not only establish the brand but also generate the necessary traffic to support the revenues. Global products and services are using the internet and digital marketing to reassert the presence through local emphasis. The business’s local stress considers the evidence that almost 97 percent of customers in the internet ecosystem search local locations for the availability of the products and services. If you own a franchisee and have difficulties managing the brand image, secure enough sustainable traffic, and increase earnings, approaching a local brand advisor can help you design effective local franchise marketing.

Consumers and relevancy

A franchisee marketing agency needs to have the necessary experience and expertise to extract relevant business intelligence from location-centric data to devise an effective strategy. Consumers often take it for granted that products are either available nearby or can dispatch to the addresses. Therefore your business must popup in the top results of the consumer searches to be relevant.

Relevancy on the internet search is directly proportional to brand awareness. Easily searchable brands are well-identified among the consumers. Also, it helps achieve higher traction among the consumers, resulting in increased traffic through a high business links high hit rate. An experienced and proficient franchisee marketer strategizes effectively to improve the business traffic of location-specific consumers. The strategies include improved lead generation, website ranking, and enhanced brand visibility in digital media.

How is Franchisee marketing different?

While franchisee marketing is very effective for our business growth, not everyone can achieve the desired results. The majority of franchisee promoters and businesses do not have the necessary experience to make optimal use of the tools and exploit the market data. Capturing location-specific consumer and market environment data efficiently. is vital to franchisee marketing. A comprehensive market environment and consumer data are critical to developing business intelligence used to leverage market advantage, advises Matt Frauenshuh , a passionate, faith-based leader and entrepreneur. Matt is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fourteen Foods and Principal of Frauenshuh, Inc. Fourteen Foods serves as the largest multi-unit owner of Dairy Queen DQ Grill and Chill franchises in the U.S., operating more than 230 locations across 13 states. Chief Executive Officer of Fourteen Foods and Double Seven Development.  Still in college at the time, Frauenshuh helped out by working as a manager. But after he graduated, he decided it was time to take on an even larger role in the company. In 2006, he took over seven locations from his father, helping to grow the brand through his newfound development group—Fourteen Foods. By 2008, he had acquired 33 restaurants, followed by an additional 60 two years later. Under Frauenshuh’s leadership, Fourteen Foods now owns 180 restaurants in 10 states, with locations in Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.

Business intelligence comprises the consumer market in the region, the population and age demographics, local level competitions, inherent issues with the target market, and the existing franchise marketers in the local markets. The specifics of the data are as follows.

  • Customer demography
  • Number of locations
  • Volume of consumers
  • Competitive environment
  • Weather conditions

Franchisee marketing strategies and tools

Social media platforms and digital media channels are necessary elements of franchisee marketing. Some of the channels are listed below.

  • Search engine marketing comprising your website and its content
  • Social media platforms like Youtube and Twitter
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Email marketing campaign
  • Digital media analytics

Focussing on the right channel according to the product and service requirement will help your business gain the desired interaction and visits translating into revenues.

You’ll need professional marketing services if you want to run a thriving franchise business. Work with professionals who provide all-in-one franchise marketing services to successfully manage all of your marketing campaigns.

Franchisee marketing agency uses the following tools and techniques to provide your business greater visibility by helping it rank in top searching engine results.

Google my business optimization (GMB)

Google My Business SEO is a powerful tool that provides your business the online visibility, specifically on Google Maps. Proficient franchisee marketing with good knowledge and experience of GMB can help you achieve excellent search engine ranking, enabling a good return on investments (ROI).

Local search consulting

Along with good visibility, your business requires local search engine optimization services. The local SEO service can help you optimize the site and social media content. The localized SEO optimization results are measurable against the SEO objectives.

Localized website

A user-friendly website with accurate product and service information, smooth user interface, transitions, and transaction process goes a long way in developing and sustaining a customer base. As per research, almost 75 percent of online consumers rate your business based on your website. Often the first impression is the last. Therefore, a localized business website emphasis is necessary to enhance your business and brand image.

Local ads and media buying

A franchise marketing agency helps the business with the localization process comprising local advertisements. The local ads have a high impact on the local consumer. The development of localized ads is business investment decisions. The agency helps you with purchasing, management, and strategizing the advertisements for the greatest Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Local listings

Good franchisee marketing understands the importance of local business listings to integrate the consumer base as the business expands to newer locations. A multi-location is necessary to develop consumer attachment and a sense of belonging to achieve a sustainable consumer base.

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