The Ultimate Packing List For Your Road Trip

So you decided that your next vacation will be a road trip, and now it’s time to pack up but you’re left a little confused. Taking road trips is an awesome experience if you’re prepared for it well. We’ve gathered the ultimate packing list so you can hit the open road without a care in the world.

Getting the Car Ready

Before taking off, you need to be sure that your car is ready and equipped for the journey.

  • Make sure you have your license updated and a copy of your car insurance.
  • You also need to have the right tools with you including a spare tire as well as its tools in case of a flat tire.
  • If you’re a car enthusiast, then be sure to have your own ball joint press kit because a worn-out ball means trouble for your car’s steering and suspension. It will be easy to fix yourself if you have the right tools.
  • You also need to have your roadside emergency kit that includes booster cables, light sticks, reflective vests, and a warning triangle.

Planning for an Emergency

Some necessary items will be needed to guarantee your safety.

  • Don’t forget about the First Aid kit with basic supplies that can help you during an emergency, especially if the nearest town is far. Include medication such as painkillers, anti-inflammatory pills as well as hand sanitizer for hygiene.
  • Be sure to have spare flashlights on you in case your car battery dies.

Types of Bags to Use

For a road trip, these bags might come in handy.

  • A duffel bag is ideal on road trips because it’s compact, has many storage pockets, and some of them are water-resistant.
  • A daypack or a hiking backpack will be ideal when you’re planning to go on hikes. They can store anything you need on your hike.
  • You can also use insulated or thermal tote bags to keep your drinks cool or store your food if you don’t want to carry an icebox.

Packing the Essentials

So everything is ready and now it’s down to the essentials:

  • Pack clothes that are comfy, loose, and breathable. Be sure to take the weather into account by taking waterproof jackets as well.
  • Take a neck pillow and a travel blanket for maximum comfort as well as protecting your neck and back from having strain while sitting down.
  • Always carry reusable bottles instead of plastic ones, and a travel mug for your hot drinks.
  • Carry a toiletry pack that has lip balm, sunscreen, toothpaste and a toothbrush, body and hand wipes, and lotion.

Don’t Forget Entertainment

Don’t Forget Entertainment

  • Needless to say, don’t forget to pack your camera! A road trip means endless memories.
  • Be sure to have all your chargers as well as a car charger or a portable one.
  • Bring some books for entertainment, prepare a good playlist for the road, and some travel games to play with who you’re traveling with.

Going on a road trip is a memorable experience. Be sure to plan out your trip well; no matter where you’re going, you need to be prepared with everything so your time doesn’t turn sour. Hit the road comfortably!