The Very Short Music Career of The Little Dippers


Introduction to The Little Dippers

The Little Dippers were short-lived pop and easy listening outfit during the early 60s music era, formed by the band’s leader and producer Anita Kerr; she was joined by other members Delores Dinning, Darrel McCall and Hurshel Wigintin. “Forever” was the group’s only charting single, breaking into the Top 10 in early 1960. After that, no other further hits ever came from the Little Dippers, and they’re now forever (pardon the pun) one of the several one-hit wonders.

The Little Dippers’ early life and short history

The pop group The Little Dippers were gathered by group leader Anita Kerr who was also a successful backup vocalist and producer. Formed in the early 1960’s, the vocal group consisted of Delores Dinning, Emily Gilmore, Darrell McCall, Hurshel Wigintin and Kerr (soprano).

“Forever” — The Little Dippers’ only hit 

The Little Dippers’ short-lived existence was highlighted by their 1960 hit “Forever” which became a smash hit in 1960, peaking on the Billboard Hot 100 at #9. The song proved to be the only hit single of The Little Dippers and they never got to achieve another hit again after “Forever.” It was written by the popular Nashville writer and producer Buddy Killen and was released on University Records.

Anita Kerr, of course, led her own famous group the Anita Kerr Singers, who became one of the most popular groups of backup vocalists in the world of country music. They appeared on countless Nashville recordings especially during the 1950s and 1960s.

The Little Dippers’ discography (may be impartial)

(Jan 1960)

  • A: Forever
  • B: Two By Four

(May 1960)

  • A: Be Sincere
  • B: Tonight

(Oct 1960)

  • A: Lonely
  • B: I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder

(May 1964)

  • A: For Just A Little While Tonight
  • B: Sails
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