The Video Gaming Industry In Italy

People play Video games worldwide. Numerous countries earn massive profits by creating and developing games. However, Italy is a distinction because there are not many games. Why there aren’t many games set in Italy?

In this blog, we will discuss game production in Italy and the role of Italian translation services.

Game Industry In Italy

Although Italy has the title of 10th largest game market, with a value of $1.8 billion, and boasts approximately 26 million players, there aren’t any big video game producers in the area. There are a few smaller studios, but nothing close to the other developed nations.

Two elements impact the gaming market in Italy; economy and culture.

Video gaming culture in Italy is an experience, unlike in other countries. Italy is a trendy destination for a wide range of gamers in terms of net value and per habitant. Most are casual gamers and play only big franchises like FIFA and Call of Duty.

This isn’t to claim that all Italians exclusively play sports games, but a substantial portion also considers gaming to be an entertainer and not an obsession; the idea that video games are more than just an enjoyable pastime is believed to be naive at most.

The games available do not enforce the gaming culture. The top popular games sold in Italy include GTA, FIFA, Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Dragon Balls. They aren’t terrible games at all. As a result, the average Italian person believes the video game genre is footballer-shooters but not big narrative-driven adventure games.

Italian Game Localization

The localization of the Italian game is confronting similar issues to those faced by developers of video games within Italy. The cultural challenges faced by the sector of video games has to face aren’t true. However, these challenges are not exclusively Italian, so why video game industry wasn’t able to kick into high gear in the country even with the availability of gaming translation services?

The solution is based on three words: the absence of capital. Because no significant development team has been formed yet and acquiring wealth to start the actual business is not an easy task. Also, why should investors invest money into new companies than in more substantial countries with more lucrative markets?

From a development perspective, it is not logical to raise funds to invest in small-scale businesses where excellent companies are already in existence in Europe. This is a trap. There is no snowball effect when there is no snow available.

Additionally, the gaming industry in Italy has the distinct advantage of having prominent hotspots instead of being spread all over the place. Six countries account for the most game developers across the continent. However, very little is left to the other countries as game developers open new shops near established game developers.

Logically, promising studios for games should be based in Stockholm instead of Naples, as the city is already home to notable names like Dice Avalanche Studios and many others. Furthermore, Italy’s tiny gaming industry is different in its way of doing business from other nations.

The UK has an industrialized approach to gaming. In contrast, Italy has kept an art form in the field. This implies that Italian developers currently working on games in Italy are not looking to compete with the big producers and prefer to make smaller, independent titles.

Top Game Development Companies In Italy

There is a possibility that Italy is beginning to catch up with the other European states. In the beginning, though Italy might not have numerous big gaming studios, it does have a significant video game publisher called 505 Games.

The publisher of Milan isn’t among the most popular. Still, they produced top-quality games like Control Payday and sports for prominent titles like Terraria Number Sky and Death Stranding.

  • 505 Games and Digital Bros are not doing 50% in the market. This suggests that video games could not be something Italians are ready to create. However, some Italian investors are active in the market, looking to establish themselves.

According to Metacritic, in 2019, 505 Games was the company with the highest-rated titles on its platform. This means Milan can invest in good games. However, the assistance of a good translation company would be essential.

  • 3d Clouds is an independent firm that develops 3D games and video games, which began in the form of racing games. They are a group of young and talented, enthusiastic young people.

Over the last few years, they’ve achieved essential objectives. In 2018, they released their first game All-Stars Fruit Racing developed on PC and all consoles.

  • Milestone is an online gaming and publishing company with its headquarters in Milan. It’s a video racing company constantly striving to improve and develop its processes and tools. The games they create are designed for PCs as well as consoles.


In this article, we discussed the prevalent scenario of the Italian gaming market.

The gaming market in Italy is in progress. However, game publishers willing to introduce video games in the market can take advantage of translation agencies, such as Mars Translation. They will surely help publishers to expand their consumer base.