The World’s Toughest Outdoor Sports


The word sport was initially used for outdoor sports. The division of this indoor and outdoor is discovery of later ages. Outdoor sport is something that has always been very tough and hard. You have to be rough to win it. According to a wise saying, there is no gain without pain, so it’s okay of you get any pain while playing you will definitely gain more in the end.

There are many outdoor games, but which one is tougher? It’s something hard to differentiate or classify. Some people classify these sports on the basis of the way they are performed. Others do on the basis of dangers and a lot more. Before writing this article we have done a tiring process of long research and analysis on the basis of injuries per 1000km, fatality rate and calories burn per hour. You would find very helpful information by this article.

1. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing burns 818 calories per hour. It fatality rate is also alarming which is 145 per 1000 climbers. It is even hard to learn too as it gives 0.56 injuries per 1,000 hours. Nowadays rock climbing has become very common thing, so you can easily find a rock climbing gym around. Exercises for upper body and grip strength are usually performed on a hang board. These hang boards are usually made for the practice of hurting.

Most of the time trainers ask you to learn to stay steady and strengthen with the wall. Injuries during climbing are somehow complex and painful too. These include trigger finger syndrome and subluxation etc. Regular injuries include suffer rotator-cuff tears, detachment of ball and socket joint.

2. Ultra-running

Ultra-running is known to burn the most number of calories. It burns 768 calories per hour. Its injury rate is very high than rock climbing i.e. 7.2 injuries per 1000 kilo meters. 2.5 runners die per one million runners, which show the fatality rate is a bit low. Scott Jurek is known to be the best player of this game till now. One thing about marathons is tough that this game usually take minimum 24 hours to complete.

The players need to be very active and expert. A person coming suddenly without any practice or preparation is going to be kicked out in the first round or may even in starting few minutes. The training of ultra-running race takes a lot of time and energy to make you an expert runner. You have to practice for continuous hours.

In the beginning you may face fatigue for long hours but once your body is familiar with the routine, everything will become easy and normal. Ultra-runner victims usually face different type of injuries like over use tissue, soft tissue, Achilles tendonitis, IT band syndrome, runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis.

3. Downhill Mountain Bike Riding

is a very risky outdoor sport. It’s like nothing else on earth, said by an expert player Rachel Atherton. It burns almost 632 calories per hour. And its injury rate is 43 per 1000 hours. Fatality rate is 11.2 per 1 million bikers. This sport would seriously take your guts when you are travelling fast over loose single track and technical rock gardens. And you have to input a lot of mental learning curve.

The biggest injury risk is crashing. You would have to ride the bike through rocky surfaces. In such situations the bike bot only remains a bike, it becomes a heavy weapon. And this weapon will either take you beyond limits or may kill you. It may damage nerves in the muscles or may break your spinal cord. So downhill is a big risk.

4. Swimming

You may think that swimming is a game of physical activity, but not it is more about mental activity. Its 20 percent physical while 80 percent mental. How to swim, either to go with the flow or not, that’s all you decide with your mental capabilities.

While learning swimming you have to be very patient and calm, because the practice time may give you a little hard time to face. Most of the time you would have to stay in water and your body may react in beginning. The expert players say that 2 hours in weekdays and 3 hours at weekend is necessary for you to be a perfect swimmer.

The biggest threat for swimmers is water, staying conscious is more important you may drown otherwise. Swimmer feels better in long exposures to water. Its injury rate is 4 per thousand hours.

5. Nordic Skiing

Nordic Skiing has more number of injuries and dangers on its way. Its injury rate is 30 per 1000 hours. It burns 952 calories per hour and fatality rate is 11 per million. This sport involves both arms and legs which means more physical activity. The expert of this sport says “It requires so much strength and endurance from your entire body”.

The most difficult part comes in the beginning, when you have to work/practice for hours and start getting lactate accumulation in your body. People, who pass this phase with motivation and determination, will somewhere get the gain of his pain. In this sport injury rate is higher but not death rate, most of the injuries are curable or not that fatal as in rock climbing. One should have a very good stamina to be in the safe zone of winning because till end it’s going to test you a lot.

This sport comes at no. 1 due to more numbers of injuries and calories burned. Moreover this sport is best for a person who wants to get in shape and maintain proper body weight. No doubt other sports also make you fit but this one won due to best and equal use of body.

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Outdoor sports are must for everyone to play; one should have a habit of playing. It not only helps you being in shape but also makes you active. You will start feeling significant positive changes in your life. Things would start getting normal and you will get maximum output generated.

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