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Employee tracking software goes beyond just tracking time table and scheduling; employers can now monitor all employees’ digital activities using tracking software. Of course, the monitored devices are company-owned, and they can offer ease to track productivity and company secrets remotely. Best employee monitoring apps have advanced features such as real-time performance, live location, stealth mode and many other features.

These features’ view employee activity and help the employers keep track and improve work performance. Employee tracking software is the best solution for companies who work from home and whose employees are not under physical supervision during work time. Such an app can help companies build a better business by giving them access to monitor their employees remotely.

What is TheWiSpy employee tracking software?

TheWiSpy is a powerful and advanced employee tracking software that helps employers monitor employees’ digital activities during work hours. Companies who function from the office or home can enjoy unlimited features of TheWiSpy app because it will allow access to all employee activities within few clicks.

From performance to schedules, TheWiSpy will take care of everything, the user has to purchase the license for the app, and they are free to monitor all they want. The primary purpose of TheWiSpy is to keep employees focused on their work and improve work productivity. Employee tracking software has many benefits that companies can enjoy for protecting and increasing their business.

How global pandemic affected workflow

The global pandemic due to covid-19 has caused many companies to work from home; these companies are from every profession and are facing difficulties. Firstly, the concept of work from home for the cooperate companies is new; that’s why they have problems keeping the business’s productivity as it was in the offices. Besides productivity, employers have fear like company secrets being exposed by traitors, and as the employees are away from the sight, it’s hard to supervise them in person.

TheWiSpy is the best employee tracking app that allows businesses to monitor their employees working from home remotely. Features like real-time location tracking, screen recording, tracking calls and text messages are beneficial for employers. They will observe the work time and productivity for better results. Besides the pandemic, the company performance can be maintained and enhanced with the help of TheWiSpy, an app to monitor remote employees.

How TheWiSpy help in the best remote monitoring of employees

There are advanced and quality features and tools that let TheWiSpy monitor the target devices remotely. The main product of TheWiSpy app is to monitor employees remotely using the mobile monitoring features. The user or employer is given access to the company-owned devices to monitor all digital activities remotely using the app. Following are some essential tasks that TheWiSpy helps monitor and make the company easier to function.

Monitor employee productivity remotely

It is essential to monitor employee productivity for a company, especially when they are not under supervision or working from home. Employees usually make up reasons for their laziness and incompetence that companies have to bear because they were not physically there.

But employee tracking software has changed the narrative; companies can monitor the employees’ productivity using the best employee monitoring app using its advanced functions.

Help catch deceiving employees

Company secrets are essential for the owner and establishment of the company, but one employee can change that by deceiving the company. But not anymore because TheWiSpy, an app to monitor employee remotely, will help the company monitor all digital activity of the employee and catch the deceiving employees. Employers who doubt any employee can purchase the app and confront the deceiver.

Monitor all employee activity on company-owned devices

The best way to monitor company employees is by purchasing employee monitoring software and install on all company-owned devices. As the app is installed on the devices, the employer can monitor every activity of the employees using the incredibly advanced features of TheWiSpy app.

Reduce wastage of time

Employees are not in the office to monitor the staff and save them from wasting time because they are working from home. But with the help of TheWiSpy, an app to monitor employee remotely, employers can monitor the workers and reduce wastage of time. The monitoring will alarm the employees, and they will be less likely to waste any time during working hours.

Increased transparency of work

It’s hard to keep track of the employees in remote working, but they can be monitored through employee tracking software. TheWiSpy helps the employer increase the transparency of work by providing information like when the employee started to work and how much time they wasted on social media apps. With advanced spying features, employers can track all these activities and calculate the daily progress.

Best employee monitoring app features

What makes an employee monitoring app perfect is how good the features of the apps are; TheWiSpy is the best employee monitoring app because it offers advanced tracking features.

1. Live location monitoring

Employers can track the live location of the employees using this feature; it is essential to know whether employees are working during office hours or not because it affects work productivity. This feature is also helpful in capturing the traitor of the company through tracking the location.

2. Photo capturing spy

TheWiSpy offers a live photo or picture capturing feature that allows employers to click any image from the front and back camera anytime they want. These images will be helpful as proof of the employee deceiving or wasting time.

3. App tracking

Employers can also keep track of the apps installed on the target device and keep track of employee activities during working hours.

How TheWiSpy works

TheWiSpy is an advanced android monitoring app that helps to monitor digital information on the target device. It needs to be installed on the target device, and the app will fetch all the data to a control panel handled by the user. This app works in stealth mode that makes it easy for employers to monitor the staff members secretly, but the spying purpose should be valid. Advanced features on the dashboard that employers can use to monitor employees remotely.


TheWiSpy is compatible with all android devices with operating system 4.1 and above. The end-user can install the application on compatible devices, or else it will be useless. It is essential to have a compatible Android smartphone or tablet for its features to work correctly.


TheWiSpy has simple subscription pricing plans that make it easier to purchase specific requirements. There are three basic plans for the TheWiSpy app that are affordable and can vary according to the user requirement.

Starter package: This package starts at 9.99$.

Standard package: This package starts at 19.99$.

Premium package: The premium package starts at 29.99$.


Employee tracking software has increased in demand after the global pandemic; businesses are forced to work from home. This change in situation has led to decreased work progress, and employers have failed to control that. But with the help of TheWiSpy, an app to monitor employee remotely, the whole dynamic has changed. Companies can monitor their employees work progress sitting remotely using advanced features. Remote spying, impossible in the last decade, is now accessible through an app.

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