They Do Matter: Facts About Men’s Size Down Below

While you can’t judge a book by its cover, some people may judge your sexual performance by the size of your Johnson. No matter what body-positive activists might try to perpetuate, at the end of the day, size down there does matter. Although you don’t necessarily have to sport a monster down there to please your partner, many men are too self-conscious about their performance if their penis size is average or smaller. With that said, here are some facts about men’s size down below:

Size and Sexual Performance

Body positive movements have made it easier to be more comfortable with one’s appearance, but when it comes to the size of your Joe, people don’t seem to be as forgiving. While it is true that a penis larger than average is more efficient in satisfying partners, specifically women, sexual performance is a separate skill.

The firmness of your erection, how long you last, and knowing your partner’s delicate spots are not determined by the size of your penis. However, studies have proven that men with longer penises are better equipped to stimulate the vagina’s sensitive spots, seeing as cervix stimulation is only possible with longer penises. However, other studies have also suggested that G-spot stimulation only requires shallow penetration, so smaller sizes can please partners if the erection is firm enough.

Natural Penis Enlargement

While natural methods to enlarge your penis sound like something you’d read in a sketchy pop-up ad, they’re certainly possible. But of course, there is good news and bad news; you can add a few inches to your erection naturally, but the effect is only temporary.

However, most of these methods only take a few minutes to do every day, so they can give you semi-permanent results as long as you stay consistent. One of the most common methods of instantly enlarging the size of your erection is through penis pumps; this discreet product is a common method typically used in the shower or bath to adding a couple of inches to your length. Another known method is jelqing, which comprises exercises for the penis. Jelqing is performed with a semi-erect penis and works to promote blood flow to your genital area, which then gradually increases your size.

Big Wasn’t Always Fashionable

Size definitely matters in modern times, but that wasn’t always the case. In Ancient Greece, men with smaller penises were considered charming and handsome, as this insinuated youth and vigor. If you take a look at ancient statues, you might think that men back in the day just had smaller sizes, but that’s incorrect. They were only considered more charming.

Of course, this was only because ancient times only cared for aesthetic appearance, while pleasuring women was not considered essential. However, in modern times, men get a kick out of pleasing their partners since it can boost their self-esteem. While the truth may hurt, below average sizes are not as good at stimulation.

Penis Anxiety

There’s nothing more ludicrous than getting anxious over the size of your organ, but it’s common, and it negatively affects the sex lives of many men. Women have different preferences, and not all of them prefer bigger sizes, but this doesn’t make men any less self-conscious about their size to the point that they may experience anxiety in bed. This can be mild or severe; some men think about nothing during intercourse, but whether their partner is enjoying the sex, and if their size is big enough.

However, no matter what size you pack in your pants, you’ll always find someone who’s compatible with you. Longer penises matter when it comes to cervix stimulation, but many women find that painful. Some women are more comfortable around smaller sizes, seeing as their sexual experience is more pleasurable and less painful that way. If you experience penis anxiety, either work on enlarging your size naturally or speak with your partner about what they enjoy.

You don’t have to sport a large size in order to please your partner. Although there are methods to enlarge your penis safely, make sure you also know what your partner likes in the sack, and how they want to be pleased. Because size does matter to some people, you may want to practice some exercises such as jelqing or to use a pump that can give you immediate results. If you’re comfortable with your size, but suspect that your partner enjoys intercourse with you, discuss what the two of you like and how you can spice it up in the bedroom without altering your appearances.