They Say It Takes 21 Days To Break A Habit! Break-up Advice 101


They say it takes 21 days to get out of a habit. But how is that related to anyone getting over a broken relationship?

When we get into a relationship and start falling for someone, the thought of breaking all ties with that person seems like a nightmare. We can all say that at least once in a lifetime, we have all lived that nightmare.

So, why are we talking about breaking from a habit?

When we fall for someone, over the years or weeks, they become a habit. The morning texts, the meetups, you kind of do them inadvertently. That is why when we break, we also need to break with the habit.

Psychologists believe that it is not the person essentially but the habits that we miss the most.

So, if you are currently dealing with pain with a broken heart, then you have reached the right place.

Why Breaking The Habit Is So important!

Here are some of the reasons why breaking this habit is so important when you are dealing with heartbreak.

  • It is only through breaking one habit that you will be able to incorporate new habits.
  • It will help us distract ourselves from the past and eventually move on.
  • It will help us accept the present and not dwell in denial.
  • Physiologically, you can incorporate new exciting habits which help in the release of happy chemicals. The one that you got from being with your partner previously.

Here Is Your 21-Day Challenge.

You didn’t think we would just give you a boring article on why you need a new habit. We are here to help you take action.

Enough of sulking and gloating!

It is time for you to get your life back. Here is your 21-day break-up challenge. Enough of being in denial. It is not the end of the world!

Day 1: Make A Pros and cons list, and hang it in the center of your room. This will help you understand that as much you miss the good parts, you should remember the bad parts as well.

Day 2: Start listening to a break-up recovery podcast.

Day 3: It is time for you to make that playlist. That sad, angry, mopey playlist is more likely to get all your emotions out.

Day 4: Watch break-up movies, take a box of tissues, cry your heart out, or get inspired. You can download these movies for free from Pirate Bay.

Day 5: Enough of crying; now it is time for you to make a feel-good playlist. The one who has nothing to do with love and romance.

Day 6: Hide everything out of sight. Everything which can remotely remind you of that person. The gifts and all the belongings.

Day 7: Revamp your social media. Delete pictures, and block them if necessary. You can unblock them later, but now they shouldn’t be able to contact you.

Day 8: Pamper yourself with good pizza and ice cream in a tub.

Day 9: Plant a new sapling, preferably some pretty flowers, to mark the beginning of a new life.

Day10: Go out with your friends to your favorite restaurant or club. Embrace the singlehood.

Day 11: Take yourself on a cozy coffee date in a small cafe, and take the corner seat by the glass.

Day 12: Get into a new habit. It could be anything. Reading a new book, gratitude journaling, coloring.

Day 13: It is time for some retail therapy.

Day 14: It’s the time! Book some real therapy. You have to start taking care of your mental health.

Day 15: Change your diet and workout regime.

Day 16: Do something for someone else. A selfless good deed!

Day 17: Start binging a new show.

Day 18: Write an open letter to yourself.

Day 19: Cook some good food, and invite some friends or family.

Day 20: It might sound cliched, but do something you could never do with your ex. Taste that freedom!

Day 21: Reflect on the last 21 days, and see how much you have grown.

Take Care!

Taking care of yourself is the first thing you need to do when you break up. Whatever residual love you had for that person, it is time to redirect it to yourself.

Ensure to not make the same mistakes again!

We will all find love again, but for now, it is marvelous to fall for yourself all over again.

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