Things Every New Entrepreneur Must Know When Starting a Business


If there is a major challenge that you are going to take on in your life, one that is bigger than most, it is starting a business. People often see the glamour behind entrepreneurship, but they rarely stop to look behind all that. If they did, they’d realize that being a business owner is a lot of hard work, countless sleepless nights, and a ton of sacrifices. Most people doing this wouldn’t have it any other way, though, because it is their dream that they are investing in and their own company. 

Still, there are some things that every new entrepreneur must know before starting a business.


One of the most important things that an entrepreneur must figure out before starting a business is who will mentor them. This isn’t exactly something you can learn of YouTube videos. You need guidance in your business’s early stages –– someone to advise you on your plan and financing. Sure, you can have access to mentors online, but it is often best to find someone you can talk to in person so they can impart their wisdom and experience. Fortunately, even if you don’t have such a person, there are startup programs specifically created to mentor young entrepreneurs on how to take their business forward.  Be sure to check out the the Freedom Business Mentoring YouTube channel.

Contingency plans

No entrepreneur starts a business with the hopes that they’d sell their company because it is just not working out, but it happens. In fact, a large chunk of new businesses fail after the first year or two. This is why it is important to educate yourself on what to do in such cases so you can minimize your losses. You can check this guide for closing a limited company, to better understand what to do in the event that your business starts to lose money. Having a contingency plan isn’t setting yourself up to fail, but a good entrepreneur prepares for all possibilities, including the worst ones. In the event that your company is closing down, you will need to go through the process of liquidation, and you have to educate yourself on what the process of this is exactly.

Market research is key to success

This is probably the most important thing for an entrepreneur to learn before they start their business. It is not really about coming up with a great, original idea, because there are few of those left, if any, and even if you did find one, there’s more to success than that. You have to set out to fulfil a market need, and if your great idea doesn’t do that, then it is pointless. This is why it is crucial that you spend time and make a lot of effort doing market research so you can identify those unfulfilled needs. Great entrepreneurs often cite market research early on with their businesses as the main cause for their success, and for good reason. That is the only way you will find out whether or not your service/product would work.

Invest in people

A business is its people, and if you don’t get the right ones and invest in them, yours is doomed to failure. It can be easy to get caught up in your own aura of success and power, but you need to understand that a successful entrepreneur doesn’t grow on their own; they grow with their team, because they are the ones behind that success. So, always remember that you could never succeed without the help of your people, and invest in them and let them know they matter. That way, they put forward their best efforts to help your business grow.

Take it slow

There are a lot of misconceptions in the business world when it comes to entrepreneurship. People think that you need to quit your job and invest every penny you have in the company so it can succeed. You don’t really need to go through such extreme measures. Take things slow. It is not about how big your leaps are towards success, but rather how consistent they are. Take one step at a time, and carefully plan your next move beforehand. Being a business owner is quite overwhelming, and if you rush things too soon, it might not work out. Learn to accept that it is okay to slow down, and divide your responsibilities into smaller, manageable subtasks.

There is much to learn about being an entrepreneur, but most of it you will learn along the way. True, you need to have some sort of business plan and you need to prepare for what is to come, but your real learning curve begins once you start the business and encounter both successes and failures.

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