Things to Buy For Your First Puppy


Welcoming a new puppy to your home can be one of the most exciting times of your life. Get ready for the endless rounds of playing fetch, the constant belly rubs, and the overall companionship that you receive. With that said, getting a puppy–or any pet, for that matter–is a commitment that comes with responsibilities since you have to provide them with proper care and help them get used to their new home. It is natural to feel nervous about becoming a first-time puppy parent, but believe it when people say the experience is irreplaceable and worth it.

Before bringing your puppy home for the first time, stop by the pet shop to pick up a few things. Make sure that once your furry friend settles into your home, you already have all the essentials ready. From finding the right dog food to getting necessary supplies, there are many steps involved in becoming a puppy owner. As such, doing some research beforehand will ensure you do not forget anything important.

Puppy Food

 To help your puppy grow into a healthy and happy dog, get high-quality puppy food that fits their age and size. Choosing the right type is essential to ensure your furry friend receives the proper nutrients for his or her growth and development. While browsing through your local pet shop, make sure you pick out the puppy food and not adult dog food since the two are formulated differently. As its name suggests, puppy food contains the right amount of protein and other nutrients to help with your furry one’s development.

 Food and Water Bowls

 Aside from puppy food, do not forget to grab a food and water bowl to keep your puppy well-fed and hydrated. Go for stainless-steel or ceramic bowls since these do not attract bacteria as much as plastic and other similar materials. Make sure you place the food and water bowl in the same location, so your puppy can get used to it over time. Likewise, do not forget to clean them thoroughly after every use.

Puppy Toys

Getting puppy toys will not only help your furry one have fun and stay entertained but also help with his or her teething. Once they hit four months old, puppies usually go through a teething stage since they are starting to grow their adult teeth. As such, they will likely be obsessed with biting and chewing anything. To prevent your things from getting eaten and help with the transition, prepare some chew toys to keep your puppy busy and help them develop a healthy set of teeth.


A crate will serve as your puppy’s den, a place that provides comfort and solitude. It will be helpful in training your little one some house rules and allow you to bring your puppy to different places easily. Make sure you pick an appropriate size that allows your puppy to lie down, stand up, and move around. With that said, do not let your puppy stay in the crate for too long each day, and allow him or her to roam around the house.

Dog Bed

At the end of the day, providing a soft and comfortable bed for your puppy will help him or her have a sound sleep. You can place the bed inside the crate while you are still training your furry friend, or put it somewhere else if your puppy will not be sleeping in the crate. Consider getting a relatively large bed so that you do not need to replace it immediately once your puppy starts growing.

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