Things to Consider before buying a Cricket Bat

Having the right bat in your hands, can make a huge difference in your game. Thus, choosing one becomes a little challenging and overwhelming experience. Entering a store, one can easily see different types of bats lined up, against each other. Which one will be the best performer? Is it going to last long enough or which one suits my budget? A pile up queries pop into your head as a cricketer. But if you are a beginner, then we have got you covered, with some of the top tips that can help you buy the best cricket bat.

Things to consider

So when you are heading into a store, to invest in a good cricket bat, there are some things that you need to consider. Once you have settled the basics, you can move ahead on invest in a perfect bat that makes an amazing difference in your game.


Before you step into a store to buy a bat, you must have a set budget. Knowing how much you are willing to spend, will limit your choices and it will become easier to make a pick. As options are narrowed down, the bat specialists in the shop will guide you accordingly. There are definitely a lot of other factors to consider but a budget will help you a lot.

Shape and Style of Play

Next, you have to consider the shape and style of play. Bats are not just created aimlessly. They all vary in edges, profiles, scallops and sweet spots etc. The various features determine how the player will play and thus, each bat differs from the other. For beginners, it might be hard to consider the shape and style of play for a bat. You can always let the specialists do their job in this area. Majority of the bats are created for almost all styles. However, some of them are specifically made for T20 style cricket too.


Weight is an important aspect to think about while buying a bat. You don’t want to opt for a too light or maybe too heavy bat to play. The weight of it will ultimately result in the performance of your game. Thus, choosing wisely is crucial. For instance, juniors should not opt for a bigger bat as it won’t help you in hitting the bat further. Why? Because beginners are not very strong to make the right hit. Likewise, if you opt for a very light bat, it will become a hurdle for you to showcase your potential.


Bats are made with 5 grades of willow. Grade 1 willow bats usually perform the best and the cheapest ones are grade 5 ones. The grades determine the performance ability of the bat. It is important that you must know about the grades before you head out to buy a bat.

Once you understand and determine these top 4 factors, you can get in touch with Kookaburra for cricket bat that will stand out!