Things to Consider Before Doing Website Migration

Migrating a website is like moving the website from one web host to another without affecting the files, folders and data, which were previously optimized by SEO. One might change the web host of the website because of an increase in traffic and server speed. The website thus needs to migrate without a change in appearance in search engines also. But apart from the SEO factor, there are several things that one must consider before doing website migration:

Calculate the risks:

Migrating a website holds several kinds of risks that might impact the business. Rebooting mostly everything of your website that you have made so far, might affect highly on your data, the reputation of the website, and also of the branding if not taken proper care.

Even with several risks that are hanging behind Website migration, businesses tend to switch to different web hosts depending on their necessity. So, go with obviously website migration if you want to expand your business, but for that first, be aware of jeopardies that are associated with it. Prepare your business for such changes.

Create backup:

Migrating your website is something you should and also should not be scared off if properly done.  So, before changing anything on the web host, it will be wise to take a backup of everything, as it might be helpful in the future. For example, while migrating your website to a new web host, there might be issues like poor internet connection and no proper response from the server, which will hinder the whole process. Now that backup will help to restore your website into its original state. So, it is better to take a backup of your website, and later save that backup as a local copy on your website instead of uploading to Google Drive, One Drive, or Mega.

Pay attention to the URL structure:

The URL structure will get modified after migrating to a new web host. So, remember to arrange the contents according to the new URL structure. After switching to a new web host, one has to make the website look like the old one. Thus the structure of your URL plays a vital role in gaining back the ranking and reputation of the website on the search engine and people’s minds. The process of transforming the old URLs to a new URL structure must be done with an SEO executive, as they can properly direct you in this without you losing the overall SEO score.

Eliminate broken page links:

As earlier, it has been said that migrating a website means restarting the website in a new way without losing anything, which also needs cleaning of thrash. You have to identify and eliminate broken links on your old webpage that hasn’t been taken care of. Or else it will get restored and will plague your new website.

Maintain the same arrangements:

The files and folders in your old website were arranged in a hierarchy, so try to maintain that hierarchy, or else links will appear broken on your new website.  The broken pages will decrease your ranking when analyzed by search engine bots.


Migrating a website will be useful if you want users to access the contents more easily and rapidly. However, the above-mentioned things must be taken into consideration if you want to keep your SEO ranking and reputation intact.