Things to Consider When Hiring a Bouncy Castle

Looking to hire bouncy castles in Perth for your event? Not sure where to start? Here you will find a list of things to consider as you decide which inflatable amusement best meets your needs.

1. Does it suit the event?


Before you pick a bouncy castle, you need to have an estimate of the number of people who will use it at any given time. This will help you decide on the type of bouncy castle to hire. Check if the event venue can accommodate the size and shape of the inflatable. Usually, suppliers put these dimensions up on their websites. If you are renting a venue, check whether there are any restrictions regarding using the space available.

Setting Up

Hiring a bouncy castle is one thing – getting it delivered and installed at your event is another. Make sure that your space is easily accessible so the supplier can deliver your inflatable without hassle. This means that the path from the supplier’s vehicle to the designated spot for the inflatable should be wide enough and clear of obstacles. Ask the supplier how much space they need and describe your venue layout to find out if the bouncy castle you want will fit.

General Requirements

Your venue needs to meet a number of requirements before you can hire an inflatable. Check that there is an easily accessible power source and a clean, even surface. You can also ask your supplier if they provide a generator or adapter with your order. Some bouncy castles need to be set on a grassy area and anchored to the ground, while others can be placed on pavement or bitumen and held down with sandbags or water drums.

2. Are they reliable?

Reviews and Testimonials

A quick Google search of any companies that rent out bouncy castles in Perth will bring up firsthand reviews of customers who have previously used their services. Often, you will be able to find pictures and videos of bouncy castles that the supplier or their customers have put online. You can look directly on the supplier’s website for testimonials as well. Get in touch with the supplier directly and chat with the people behind the business – they will likely be happy to answer any questions you might have.

3. How much will everything cost?

Package Deals

If you are looking to hire multiple inflatables or amusements, some businesses that rent out bouncy castles in Perth offer package deals. This might help you save quite a bit of money and time.

Set Up and Pack Down

Keep in mind that bouncy castles need time to be set up and taken down. Check with your supplier whether this manual work is included in the total amount of time you rent the bouncy castle for.

Duration of Hire

Find out how long you are able to hire an inflatable for your event and the resulting costs. Off-season hiring might be advantageous as the supplier could be more flexible with set up and pack down times, as well as offer better deals. Get in touch with your intended supplier early to lock your booking in. Hiring bouncy castles in Perth will be all the rage during the warmer seasons, so get in quick!

Insurance and Safety

Find out whether your supplier has Public Liability insurance. Make sure to also have a list of safety instructions from the supplier on hand at the event. Ensure that brief but clear instructions are given to those wanting to have a go on the inflatables too.

Weather Precautions

Consider whether you need to spend a little more on renting some cover for your event and inflatable in case it rains. Some suppliers offer the option of cancelling your hire if the weather conditions look unfavourable, with or without a penalty. This information can usually be found on the supplier’s website.

Additional Costs

Find out what the estimated cost of electricity needed to power the bouncy castle will be. Check if the supplier includes free delivery within a certain radius and how much they charge to travel further. Ask if there is a fee to hire someone to supervise the inflatable for the duration of the event if you are not able to supply one yourself.

You might also want to think about looking into bouncy castle for sale. It’s a good option to consider.

4. Lock it in

Contract and Contact

Make sure to get a copy of the written agreement when you hire your inflatable. It should provide you with an ease of mind knowing the terms and conditions of the hire. Keep in touch with and update your supplier regarding your plans close to, and the day before, the event. Communicating clearly will help the event run smoothly.

Now that you have a good idea of what to expect and consider when choosing an inflatable amusement, you are sure to find the event planning process much easier. With so many kinds of bouncy castles in Perth at your fingertips, which will you choose for your event?