Things to Consider when Looking for a Glamping Site in Europe


Glamping, boutique camping, or luxury camping is the only kind of camping for those looking to enjoy the outdoors without having to survive the elements that come with this sort of adventure. It’s a luxurious form of camping that involves a comfortable or “cozy” experience. When combining the fantastic environment of Europe with the laid-back glamping style it becomes an ideal fantasy for a getaway. If it’s your first time planning a trip like this, you will want to keep a few things in mind.

Camp versus glamp

How much do you want to be camping versus glamping? There’s a wide range of boutique camping opportunities and they’re going to lean towards both sides of the spectrum. Do you want to be staying in a tent? Would you rather be in a heated and cozy building? It all depends on your personal preference and what you would like to make out of your glamping experience. Most websites offer a gallery of the accommodations offered as well as a written list of what to expect. These are worth looking into if you’re concerned about any of the amenities offered.

The kind of glamping you want

Not all glamping is equal, and you should investigate the territory you plan on glamping in. Compare prices, and the accommodations of the various options you have available to you. Think about places you’ve always wanted to go, and if camping in those places are something that appeals to you. Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom particularly offer some scenic camping sites.  If you’re looking for a stress-free weekend, trying out new camping experiences alone or with your family will give you a relaxation you really needed.There is more you can do glamping than just admiring the picturesque countryside of western Europe, such as pottery, hiking, and horseback riding.

Read those vexing reviews

Despite the toxicity associated with some reviewers who had a particularly bad experience, reviews are there for a reason. If the majority of reviews for a destination mention that there is a positive experience, it’s probably worth looking into. For instance, prior to purchasing a new car I extensively would read reviews on prior customer experiences. If I was going to read reviews in regards to something like a car, or a laptop, why wouldn’t I want to ensure that my travelling experience be something that generates a positive response from their customers.

What you want your adventure to be

Luckily, most glamping sites don’t just offer a pseudo-house in the middle of nowhere. There’s often a lot of programs associated with the company that involve sightseeing and are probably close in proximity to the location you’re visiting. What kind of adventure you would like to go on is dependant upon you so look into the programs offered at the companies you’re considering. If you’re looking to traverse the Northern Ireland landscape, or just snuggling in your Mongolian Yurt in Switzerland, these are going to play a role in making your trip exactly what you want it to be. If you require a guide for any backpacking, or hiking trips, try to find reviews on these programs. Positive reviews for guides are a must, as they are often responsible for your well being, and they should be considered trustworthy. If you are planning on bringing your family including the little ones, look into the programs offered and if they’re suitable for their age.

Best friends (sorry cat people)

If you’re a dog person, chances are spending a week or two away from the puppy might feel you leaving a bit guilty. You might make the assumption you’re going outdoors and camping so you should be able to bring along your four legged friends. There are some instances where the glamping site might be located near a farm, or other circumstances that make it impossible for the site to allow pets. If you can’t find any information online regarding your ability to take your furry compadre, give the company a call and find out their policy in regards to allowing animals.

Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t mean enduring endless mosquitoes and cold, wet nights. If you’re looking to combine the best of both worlds glamping offers a great alternative to traditional camping. Just make sure it’s going to offer the kind of experience you want, and the destination has overall positive reviews. The level of luxury is going to be dependant on what you’re comfortable with. Whether it’s watching the sunset across the gorgeous countryside on the Isle of Harris, or enjoying the view of the sea in Lanzarote, you’ll soon be on your personal adventure.

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