Things to Consider When Shopping for a Dirt Bike


Although most people consider it an extreme sport, if you are just learning how to ride a dirt bike it can be considered as a good way to exercise and stay fit. If you have borrowed your friend’s dirt bike, then you probably know just how exciting it is to go through the terrain and through the woods. Seeing your bike getting physically dirty also gives you some sense of accomplishment. However, if you only have a tarmac only bike you will never be able to experience exactly the same level of excitement and thrill. But, you cannot borrow your friend’s dirt bike forever! So, you’re starting to consider the thought of buying your own dirt bike. 

Luckily, this article gives you a guide on things that you need to consider when buying your first dirt bike. 

Where you plan to ride your dirt bike

One of the many things to consider when buying your first dirt bike is the place where you plan to ride. If you would only be using it in your own backyard, then you definitely do not need a high-powered dirt bike. Dirt bikes are designed for off road adventures. With its rugged tires and suspensions, it is capable of cross-country rides over rough terrain rocks, mud and dirt. The experts from recommend that if you are looking to join an event, then you would need a dirt bike built for trail riding. If you plan to go for sand riding, then a dirt bike with wide tires would be perfect for you. 

Know your skill level

Another important thing to consider is your skill level as a rider. Know that just because you have experienced riding your friend’s Harley once then you would think about buying a 450cc off-road machine. Although you may not have too much difficulty riding this high-powered machine, you better have solid health insurance. So, what’s best for first time dirt bike riders? Opt for the ones that are within the 200-250cc range. In other words, carefully consider your skill level as a rider. Don’t get in over your head or you will end up hurting more than just your head. 

Know your skill level

Choose the right size 

Do not ever make the mistake of buying the wrong bike for your size. Remember the famous cliche from experienced riders that “If you can hardly pick it up once you drop it, you should never be riding it”. But, if you insist that you can pick it up when you drop it and decide on buying a bike that’s too big for your size, be prepared to spend a lot of time picking it up. You may also find yourself having a lot of tip-overs while also having difficulty putting your feet down to lightning fast loop-outs. In other words, it is best to choose a bike that perfectly fits your frame. If you can’t see your toes firmly planted on the ground, then that bike is not meant for you. 

When looking for a dirt bike that’s perfect for your height, you also need to consider your weight. If you weigh around 120kg or more, then consider buying a bike that is equipped with 125cc two-stroke or a 250 four stroke. If you’re looking to spend more time riding in sand or on steep hills, then better choose a more powerful bike to make you more capable of tackling these road conditions.  You might even consider options like searching for a dune buggy for sale or other vehicles.

Think about your budget

How much are you willing to spend for a brand new dirt bike? Or, would you be willing to just settle for a used dirt bike? Do not forget to consider your budget. If you have plenty of money to splurge then opt for the best dirt bike, equipped with the most powerful gears. But, if you have a limited budget, then you should know that a two-stroke dirt bike is a lot more affordable and easier to maintain than those four-stroke ones. Another thing you should consider when it comes to your budget is your insurance. The Bike Insurer is an online broker and offers several types of bike insurance for your needs

Evaluate your mechanical inclination 

This is also another factor that is often overlooked by first-time buyers of dirt bikes. Your mechanical inclination can largely determine whether you want a brand new bike or whether you want to have it as a project bike. However, always remember that powersports activities usually entail huge financial costs. If you take into consideration your repair skills, then you can have a project dirt bike which you can enjoy assembling together piece by piece. But, if those mechanical stuff are not your thing, then better opt for a brand new one that has already been assembled by an expert. 

Know the difference between a two-stroke or four-stroke

Although the two-stroke bikes have been replaced with the four-stroke bikes that are known to be more dependable. However, these two-stroke bikes are making their comeback these days. Many people would love the snap and pop of these two-stroke bikes. But, they can be a lot smellier and louder. Another good thing about two-stroke bikes is the fact that they require less amount of money whenever you want to rebuild them. Its initial cost is less and they are also found to be lighter and more agile. Some riders find the power band of a two-stroke dirt bike addicting, especially when they hit that sweet spot and as soon as they feel that immense power trying to pull them forward. 

On the other hand, four-stroke versions would seem to be very torquey on its bottom end, emitting a more predictable level of power.  This is why many newbies and leisure riders prefer these four-stroke models. Its engine is also durable and has a longer life span. However, they may warrant more maintenance. If you choose to buy a four-stroke model of dirt bike, prepare yourself to do frequent oil changes and valve adjustments. 

Owning a dirt bike is like having a ticket to a world full of adventure. Prepare yourself to experience the thrills of going through the trails in multiple counties of West Virginia or in the various golden-hued terrains of Moab, Utah.

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