Things to do in Cairo Downtown You Should Know Before Visiting Egypt!

The beauty and legends of the mythical city of Cairo is without an end that has survived since the age of time where a massive collection of monuments in every color, shape, background, and history is located across the downtown scene in Cairo. Between the gates of Cairo is the finest artifacts and monuments to witness and explore all the historical facts and activities that will paint a beautiful smile on your face forever. Egypt tours always surprising its travelers and tourists all around the world which always has the tools to make the smile on its visitors’ faces. Cairo has all materials of dreams and the chance to live a once in a lifetime Egypt vacation among the most unique collection of art and activities that ever came to be.

Visiting Ben Ezra Synagogue.

The synagogue of Ben Ezra is one of the few, the most important and oldest unique religious constructions in all of Egypt since 882 AD on the place where it used to be a church before being transformed by a Jewish temple. It is rumored to be the place where the box of baby Moses was found by the pharaoh’s daughter ages ago. the inner design of the synagogue is enchanting with Coptic, Turkish & Mamluk features and filled with many amazing Jewish artifacts.

Exploring Mosque, Madrasa and Khanqa of Sultan Barquq.

Cairo is filled with the greatest number of mosques in the world that’s why it has been called the city of minarets, one of these beautiful mosques is the majestic mosques of Sultan Bargug in the heart of Cairo across the Muizz Street that was commissioned by an order from Sultan al-Zahir Burquq to be a new religious school plus to also compose of a Mausoleum, Madrassa Mosque, and Khanqah between 1384-1386 AD (786 to 788 AH) in the Mamluk Era

Discover the Egyptian Museum.

In the downtown area across from the Tahrir square is the finest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts up to 120,000 pieces dating more than 4000 years located within the great Egyptian museum the house of ancient tales, wonders, and heavenly beauty & greatness. The museum also has a mummy room filled with the remains of the greatest pharaohs that ever ruled Egypt like Seit I, Tutankamun and many more.

Enjoy Visiting Khan El Khalili.

One of the most magical locations in Cairo is the golden brick road of Khan El Khalili where the oldest active market place in the history of the middle east is located since 1773 AD and where the greatest and finest chance to witness the full allure, glory, and riches of Egypt is present in the fullest light. An Egypt vacation does not complete with out visiting the Khan El Khalili. Every traveler will have the chance to live the finest shopping experience and get to have a piece and memory of Egypt will be cherished forever.

Feel the Sprite of Cairo Downtown in Muizz Street.

Next to the khan el Khalili mosque is the chance to explore the heavenly Muizz Street which was constructed in the Fatimid dynasty in 969 AD to be the heart of Cairo at the time. The street has the highest construction of Islamic and medieval architecture in the Islamic world in the shape of mosques, houses, and palaces which is filled with marvelous designs and epic stories from the Ayyubid, Mamluk, and Ottoman eras.

Visit Bayt Al-Suhaymi

One of the most beautiful and marvelous houses across the one of a kind Muizz Street is Bayt Al-Suhaymi which was built in 1648 AD for a Turkish sheik from AL-Azhar called Mohamed Amin el Seheim. The house is very intact and offers a full insight into the ottoman era architecture. The house is now an open museum so all the visitors both foreign and domestic to appreciate their incredible beauty across its structure and decorations.

Walk on Cairo Qaser Al Nile Bridge.

Known to one of the recognized construction in Cairo is the Kasr EL Nil Bridge that dates back to 1931 which connects the Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo to the modern Cairo opera complex on the other side. it has the length of 1932 m and offers the most complete view of the Nile so the best walks to take in Cairo are across the marvelous bridge.


Cairo is a universal city that offers the greatest chances of exploration and entertainment through a variety of amazing locations, destinations, ancient wonders, and awesome activities so take your chance and live the most amazing vacation of your life.