Things to Know Before Subscribing to Streaming Services

We have observed a drastic change in trends in the past couple of years. Now we do understand that change is inevitable and that adaptation is the best life skill, however, how can we know which trend is here to stick and, which would not see the light of the day again? Truthfully, we do not know any of it, although, what we do know is that some trends bring positivity to our lives and brighten up our days. One of such trends is the inclusion of streaming services in our lives. Traditional cable TV has ruled over the masses for much longer than half a century but like every modern aspect of life, the public needs peace and convenience more than anything and that is what made space for streaming services in our lives. The ease and appropriation that come along with streaming platforms are the reasons why it is being credited as the right way to entertainment by the general public now.

In the United States, we have more than 200 streaming services working, at the moment, to suffice the entertainment quotient of the masses. Especially, during the coronavirus pandemic, streaming services proved to be great saviors in the time we were homebound. It is reported that every U.S. adult had subscribed to at least three streaming services in the past year to counter boredom and depression. If you are already signed up with a streaming service, you must have an idea about the parameters that are essential requirements. If not, this article is directed at you and provides you with the essential information that you should know before subscribing to one or more streaming services.

Essential aspects of Streaming Services

Subscribing to a streaming service might seem like an easy investment although there are a lot of things that you should know before signing up so that there are no surprises afterward.

You need a reliable Internet Connection

A high-speed internet connection is simply the premier prerequisite for subscribing to a streaming service. A healthy encounter of streaming is subject to the reliability and speed of your internet connection.

  • For Standard Definition (SD quality) video streaming, the internet bandwidth requirement is 03 Mbps.
  • For High Definition (HD quality) video streaming, the internet bandwidth requirement is 05 Mbps.
  • For HDR or 4K quality video streaming, the internet bandwidth requirement is 25 Mbps.

Normally, streaming services suggest the lowest internet bandwidth yet these suggestions change from one gadget to another. For example, Hulu plus Live TV has a base download speed of 08 Mbps for HD streaming. On the off chance that you and your flatmate need to stream Hulu at the same time on your separate gadgets, you will be burning-through 16 Mbps simultaneously.

Internet connection is the most important aspect of streaming services, to the point, that you cannot access the platform without a steady internet connection. The apparent charges of streaming services are much less than the cable TV; however, the spike in internet connection might cost you a fortune especially if you are connected with an unreliable internet provider. To save yourself from this hassle, you should sign up with an ISP like Optimum or Spectrum plans to avail superior download and upload speeds at the most affordable prices.

You need a device to stream content

A 4K smart TV is all that you require for streaming into this universe of entertainment yet it probably might not have the entirety of your ideal streaming applications embedded in the framework and for that, you may have to invest in a streaming device.

Following are the various options that you can explore, for this matter.

Smart TV

America loves a good smart TV. Almost 31 percent of the population already owns a smart TV for streaming content. While smart TVs are great for streaming and even accessing different applications, some of the models do not have all the applications that you might be interested in, and for this same reason, research the make and model of the TV before investing in it.

Streaming Device

Not everyone can be satisfied with the limited options of smart TV, and so for our overly zealous friends, streaming devices are the right way! We have presented you with a rundown of the best streaming devices.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku works well with Alexa and has plenty of utilizations like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, NBC, Showtime, Disney Now, Stars, ESPN, and HGTV.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is one of the most reasonably priced streaming devices and has practically all the applications you would need like Showtime, Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney Plus, Sling, etc.

Apple TV

Apple TV permits you to download any new application accessible in the application store, which makes it an ideal choice. The in-built apps that you get with the streaming device are Sling, YouTube, Disney Plus, HBO GO, iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, and ESPN.

Gaming Console

On the off chance that you are a proud owner of a gaming console like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, utilizing it for streaming is a great choice. All those gamers can use their gaming gear for streaming as well; however, it is not advisable to buy it just for the sake of streaming.

You might need to subscribe to multiple streaming services

Most people are not satisfied with a subscription to just one streaming service, especially cord-cutters who have a history of scrolling through hundreds of channels. This reason might make it tough to stay on a budget sometimes but do not worry, as we have listed down ways on how you can save money even when subscribed to multiple streaming platforms:

  • Sign up with bundles to save money. For example, you can subscribe to a bundle of Hulu, ESPN, and Disney Plus for just 12.99 USD monthly.
  • Cancel streaming services when you do not find relevant content. Pro-tip: you can re-subscribe when your favorite seasons renew on the service.
  • Choose ad-supported versions of streaming services. For example, the ad-supported version of CBS All Access costs just 06 USD monthly, while the ad-free package costs 10 USD monthly.
  • Share your account with your friends and family to share the burden.