Things To Think About When Buying “The Ring”

One of the most exciting times in a person’s life is when they decide to get married. Before you get married though, you will most likely ask your partner if they are willing to marry you which requires a ring. This is often one of the scariest things a person will pick out and buy in their lifetime. Here are six things to think about to help you pick out the perfect ring.


Before you begin shopping for the ring, you need to set a budget. Know what you can spend, want to spend, and how much you are limited to. While your fiancée deserves the best, true love is not bound by money. The ring you buy is a symbol of your love, not the place of your love. In a genuine love-filled relationship, whoever receives the ring will not be swayed by its price.


The way the diamond is presented can affect the way the stone looks. When purchasing a setting, you want the main stone to be the center of attention. One of the more popular ways to do this is to raise it above any other smaller stones. If you are interested in just one stone, a larger carat diamond, raised and alone, can be a stunning, simplified look.


The type of metal you have around the diamond will help the overall look of the ring. If you can get a more expensive metal, it can help the appearance. Common metals like silver and gold are typical choices. They tend to be cheaper and can help make the overall setting perfect for what you are looking for. Platinum is a bit more costly but will shine more than other metals. You want the metal you choose to compliment the main gem. Keep in mind that all diamonds and gemstones are different, so some may look better or worse depending on the metal you choose.


There are two ways to go about buying the ring for your future fiancée. You could either go shopping together, or you could do everything on your own. While the last option is a bit risky, there are ways to go about making sure you know what your loved one wants. You could ask friends to see if they can get some pictures or ideas from them. Maybe talk to the parents to see what your loved ones talked about for their dream ring. Either way you go, make sure you are getting the style that your love wants.


The diamond is often where buyers will focus their attention and money. They are several different things you should think about when purchasing your stone though. Cut, carat, clarity, and color, also known as the 4C Rule, should be considered before choosing your stone. Recently there has been some debate about diamond vs moissanite, but the choice is ultimately up to you. Other gemstones can also be used in your ring if that is what your loved one wants. The options and choices can be seemingly endless when thought about.


Before purchasing your ring, you should make sure you are going to a reputable jeweler. This purchase is a large investment and you want to get the most for your money. Having a proper appraisal of the ring after you have it made is important to know you are not over-spending on what you’ve done. Although sad, there are sellers out there who are trying to scam you into buying a diamond that you think is nice, but in reality, it is full of flaws and worthless. No matter if it is a chain jeweler or hometown shop, do some research and check their credibility. You don’t have to buy the first thing you see from somewhere.

No matter your age, marriage is something that will change a person forever. You can help start it off right by getting the love of your life their dream engagement ring.