Things You Can Do to Keep Your Fur Babies in Fine Fettle


It’s true that our pets are not just companions; they are family to us. A good listener, a cuddle buddy and the kind of emotional support system we need to give us comfort and unconditional love, especially on our rough days. In fact, there’s one piece of evidence to support the potential mood-boosting benefits of pets to their owners. Simply put, the companionship that a pet offers may help to appease feelings of isolation and uneasiness. And as grateful and reliable pet parents, we want to ensure our pets receive the same love and kindness. Chances are, you already know what a pet needs to stay in good shape. In addition to quality food and daily exercise, there are other measures you can take to help your pet thrive. From upgrading its daily diet to showing some much-needed affection, we’ve pulled together a few important tips to promote your pet’s wellbeing throughout its life.

Choose organic food and supplement

At the very least, pets need high-quality food and clean water. But if you’re extra determined to improve your pet’s nutrition, adding whole organic foods to their daily diet is an excellent idea. Proper nutrition increases both the length and quality of your pet’s life, and it all starts with the right ingredients found in their food. Look for natural organic pet food that contains wholesome ingredients to give your pet the nourishment it needs, all without any harmful chemicals that contribute to poor nutrition.

Support your pet’s oral health

While you brush your teeth at least thrice a day, how often do you pay attention to your dog’s oral health? Most pets go through their lives without any adequate dental care, like simple brushing of teeth. But much like we do, our four-legged babies need oral hygiene and dental checkups to help avoid any potential diseases.

No matter if it’s a cat or a dog, your pet is prone to certain gum infections, which may result in chronic tooth pain, bone loss and higher risks of developing heart diseases. The best method to prevent such issues is through regular brushing and checkups with your vet. If not viable, you can give them chewable treats to help remove tartar from their teeth and plaque from their gums.

Prepare for severe weathers

It might be challenging for your pet to adjust to extremely hot or cold temperatures. In summer, for example, pets can overheat. Suffering from heatstroke is often characterised by excessive breathing difficulties, increased heart rate, weakness and drooling. Don’t worry; creating an emergency plan for your pet can be a lifesaver! Keep an eye out for any of the signs mentioned above. If your pet seems to feel overheated, put cool towels on its body, particularly around the neck and over bellies, armpits and paws. For persistent signs of heatstroke, be sure to have them examined by your vet immediately.

When it comes to icy conditions, some people might think that cats and dogs are more resistant to severe cold weather because of their fur, but that is not the case. Even some mammals with thick coats are susceptible to frostbite, so you should keep your pet sheltered during the winter. Make sure to give them a safe personal space at home, preferably a crate with comfortable beddings and blankets to keep them warm.

Get Routine Checkups

Some pet owners like to think that no one knows their pet better than them. However, it’s always best to consult a professional when it comes to your pet’s health and wellness. Not only does a regular checkup help your pet when they are sick, or you notice unusual behaviour like a dog throwing up blood clots, but it also allows your vet to detect any potential signs of diseases that you’re not aware of. With routine screenings, your vet can diagnose potentially severe health issues and prevent any risk factors from taking a turn for the worse.

Spend quality time with your pet

Pets make excellent companions, which means there’s no shortage of exciting activities that you can do together. Whether it be grooming time in a spa, playing in the park or simple belly rubs, giving your pet the kind of interaction it needs is essential for its overall wellbeing. Training your pet is not just crucial for mental stimulation; it can also save them during life or death situations. For instance, a simple command like “drop it” is useful if you find something in your pet’s mouth that could be damaging to its health. People are born with an urge to acquire new skills or knowledge, and our fur babies are no different.

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