Things you can do when deciding when to have a baby

When to have or not to have a baby – that is a pretty tricky predicament you may be experiencing. It might be about your first baby, second, third or more…. but the fact that you are wondering about it, means two things: a) You are quite a responsible, mature individual and b) You’re not 100% sure if your current life situation allows for a little gurgling, babbling being to enter it!

So, let’s discuss what can be done in such a somewhat undecided scenario about when to have a baby::

1. Speak your heart out

Face every fear and initiate an honest heart-to-heart. But guess with whom? Yourself! Jot down all your apprehensions and think about why you want or don’t want a baby, now or in the near future.

Often, we are pressured by social obligations. But times have changed. There are couples and singles all over the world, who have decided to follow a ‘no-baby policy’. Their reasons are solid. So, what’s your reason to have this baby and does it seem convincing enough for you? Yes? Well, then let’s talk about when to have one.

But if you’re not convinced with your own reasons, we suggest you take some more time to figure things out.

2. Focus on your health

Whether you’re planning to get pregnant now or at a later point in time, there is one thing you can and should do NOW. Pay attention to your health and overall wellness.

You can begin with a health checkup, consultation with a nutritionist or a yoga teacher. Whichever specialist you feel most comfortable with.

The benefits of regulating your diet, sleep pattern, and exercise routine to get fit at this point in your life are immense! First of all, as a mother, your health will determine your baby’s development. So, if you are considering giving birth to one, you should do all that you can to ensure that it’s a strong, healthy baby. Stop overindulging and start exercising. Drop those nasty habits if you drink, eat junk or smoke.

If you are part of a male couple, or a single parent who wishes to adopt, working out and eating well will place you in a better head space to follow through on your decision.

It would also be great if you could meditate for a few minutes a day. This applies to all! Meditation will give any individual fresh insight into their  decisions and timing.  Then make a vision board – write or draw all your desires on it and see if your decisions match.

Also, refrain from reading or listening to negative news or scary advice being given by friends or family. Often people insist on offering worst-case scenarios as an expression of their concern! Instead what you can do is read positive and encouraging blogs instead of watching the evening news or listening to stories like ‘Karen had a baby in the pandemic and now she’s regretting it!’

3. Speak to a doctor

Take a medical test and discuss the results with your doctor.

If you are suffering from conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity, ask your doctor for the right medication and supplements. If you are planning to get pregnant, share that idea with the doctor and get medical feedback to help you make your decision.  Get a real insight into your fertility levels, if applicable.

You may be prescribed a multivitamin or prenatal vitamin that contains folic acid – a vital vitamin taken by expecting mothers. It also helps babies to develop normally when in the womb. These days there are screening tests that inform you if you are suffering from any genetic issues. So, get one of those to be on top of the situation.

Another step you should take for yourself and your baby is get all your vaccinations. Your doctor would know the important ones such as measles, chickenpox, flu and of course., the COVID shot.

4. Planning is the key

Now that you have some deeper insight and info, it’s time to plan.

Having a baby commonly refers to giving birth to one. So, let’s begin with that…

When planning, the obvious question of ‘when to do this’ will appear. If you have followed our steps, you should by now know if and when you are ready to have a baby.

Consider your lifestyle, where you stay, your job and where you plan to be in the next 5 to 10 years. Now add a new bub to it who will need your attention, cost you money, require training and teachers and a positive environment to develop into a happy and cheerful human being.

If you detect any toxic elements in your environment, this is a good time to get rid of them. Remember a baby does not fix bad situations. A baby needs a comfortable, safe and loving home. So, the environment should be created before the baby arrives. Actually even pregnant mothers need fresh air, nutritious food and positive vibes when carrying.

This is also the time to have a look at your finances and how things are going to play out once the baby arrives and about the additional money stress this may cause.

If you’ve been trying to have a baby and are getting restless, try a fun tarot reading to distract you from the stress.

Once you have set up a beautiful, conducive environment, consider yourself ready to welcome a new baby into your life!

5. Check your support

Connect with all the encouraging, supportive people in your life.

Who are the ones you can call in times of need?

You may not necessarily require them but it’ll give you peace of mind to know that they exist. Some expecting mothers prefer to move closer to their parents. Of course, there are those that do not!

So, take a decision on where you plan to spend your pregnancy trimesters and the time just after your delivery. Make sure you’re close to a trusted gynac and a strong support system.

6. Understand that there is no right time; it’s only when you’re ready

Finally, know this: Though medically or socially, there are recommended times to have a baby, the final decision is yours. If all the above points seem to be more or less covered, you’re good to go!

The fact is that when you’re truly ready to have a baby, you will know once you shut out the external noise.