Things You Should Be Looking for in A Business Internet Service Provider


Now that you’ve finally started a small business, it’s time to face the constant fires that you need to put out.

Getting real with the possible problems will help you acquire the tenacity needed for running and keeping your business. As a business owner, one of the essential considerations is choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP).

An ISP is necessary to help you launch your operation and keep it operating efficiently with room for future improvement. While cost is an obvious factor, there are other considerations you should look into when looking for business internet New York City.

Let’s dive in.

What should you ask about?

Contrary to popular belief, speed isn’t the only important thing in Internet connections. It may be almost everything, but there are several factors to think about when looking for an ISP.

You might also want to check the following:

Technician and Customer Service Availability

While your business may not be operating 24 hours a day, you can work and rest more comfortably if your ISP provides round-the-clock tech and CS support. Downtime means money lost. Make sure that you ask if your ISP is available by chat or phone, if help is automated or live, and if an on-site technician is accessible.

Average annual downtime

Most ISPs promise around 99% uptime but don’t deliver. This is where the SLA or Service Level Agreement comes handy. If you don’t get the guaranteed uptime, you can ask for compensation from your ISP in the form of early termination of the contract, credits, or discounts.

Data caps

Most providers of business internet in New York City imposes bandwidth limits or data caps on customer accounts and charges them a higher rate. Sometimes, they throttle your bandwidth down if you exceed the cap limit. Bandwidth limits are typical in residential connections, but they can also be applicable in cable, DSL, or fiber business packages. If you need broadband, check the data caps.

Contract length

Also, check how long the contract lasts with the ISP. While the majority of ISPs have a lock-in period of two years, some offer terms less than or longer than that. Look out for termination fees and free trial periods, too.

Net neutrality

Since net neutrality was repealed last year, ISPs may sell more Internet speed a preferred bidder, constricting competitors. Check if the ISP supports net neutrality.

IS fine print

Aside from the contract length and SLAs, look into the terms and conditions of service and policies on acceptable use. These will give you an idea of how you can use the ISP’s service. Make sure to read all these carefully because these can affect your business.

Final takeaway

It shouldn’t be difficult for you to choose an Internet Service provider – be clear on what your business needs are before you shop around. You shouldn’t limit your choice by looking at the cost alone.

Know what questions to ask, and you can find the perfect ISP — never settle for the last hot dog.

To save you the hassle of going back and forth wondering if you’re making the right choice, call Spectrum Business today and speak to their representative. They understand every business’s Internet requirements, so you will be in capable hands.


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