This is Not a Drill! Puppy Yoga is Real, and Here’s Why You Should Give it a Try!

Trying to unwind from your daily life takes a special type of activity. Some people prefer to enjoy the company of their pets, while others just want to cool down while doing a calming activity like yoga or meditation.

Then an idea so revolutionary popped into existence, combining both the pets and the yoga to create the happiest, most calming time you can ever possible have, puppy yoga. Yes, you read it right, puppy yoga exists. Doing yoga while surrounded by puppies. Is there even a need to carry on explaining?

We know yoga is a huge stress reliever, but what about puppies?

Both doing yoga and being around puppies have both proven to be huge stress relievers, and what’s better to unwind other than adding both of them and making one activity where you’re relaxing your body while also being nibbled on, cuddled and sometimes even becoming a bed for those puppies. Together with the instructor, you all journey down a session filled with puppies running around and doing the funniest things like chasing their tails and tickling you while trying to sniff you.

Puppies are happiness

Imagine showing up and meeting a bunch of people who are all as equally enthusiastic about puppies to then be greeted by a sea of fluff and cuteness all wagging their tails in excitement to meet you. It’s an overwhelming feeling of joy coursing through your entire body all at once. Petting the puppies and being around them in general has been known to help your body produce serotonin, prolactin, oxytocin and so much more, all chemicals that get released when we experience happiness and/or love!

It’s an unforgettable session filled with pictures

This experience is known to be held dear to people’s hearts as a time filled with joy, laughter and relaxation. Spending all that time with the puppies will definitely require keeping an actual memory of it somewhere though, and that’s where the rule of allowing you to use your phone at whichever time in the session comes in. You can feel free to record and take pictures of the overflow of cuteness happening inside the room as you get along with the session, in fact, you’ll find that everyone is more than happy to try to take pictures of you with the puppies around you, and vice versa. You’ll definitely leave that session with a satisfied heart and a phone filled to the brink with pictures of puppies.

Something like this doesn’t need an occasion

Getting that well-needed dose of happiness and relaxation is something that doesn’t even need to be around a stressful time as you’ll find that there’s never really a bad time where you feel like you don’t want to go to a yoga class filled with puppies. You just really need to promise yourself not to get too attached to any of them because there is a headcount for all the puppies at the end of every session so there’s no chance to sneak off with the one puppy that stayed by your side and nibbled, sniffed, cuddled and climbed you the entire session. Plus you’ll be smiling for so long your cheeks are going to start hurting. It’s an overwhelming amount of good times that you should definitely give a go.