This is Why your Sweatshirt got Lost

It’s her birthday, and you’ve got no clue what to buy her. You can’t quite place your finger on her latest perfume; neither can you tell her shoe size. Let me suggest a gift that’s sure to save your head and deliver you from shame. Sweatshirt for women is a perfect buy to show how much you care. It comes in classy cool colors and designs from cropped hoodies version to sweatshirt dresses that can be clad with a pair of leggings.

So you’ve bought the gift, and she thought it’s the best item a guy has ever bought her. But alas! When she comes visiting, your sweatshirt went missing too! Will anyone care to explain why women steal sweatshirts from the guy they’re dating. Let me do the honors.

1. Her nose, loves your smell

Everyone possesses a distinct, natural scent. This smell sticks on the clothes you wear. Some guys smell like chocolate, others like filth, and others like cologne or meat pie! So, when she adorns your sweatshirt, she smells you and feels you close to her, though you’re not there physically. This is particularly helpful for those in long-distance relationships.

2. She looks at it and misses you

Every woman in love wants a quick reminder that someone somewhere loves her. Even when things go sour in the relationship, she still wants a reminder of the guy who never returned her affection. Either way, the sweatshirt is a reminder that triggers the feel-good hormone in her.

Consequently, she’ll text, call or wear a merry twinkle in her eyes. If she loves you not, she’ll burn the damn sweatshirt as an essential part of closure and move on.

3. She clads in it to say- I’m taken

Ever seen a girl dress in an oversized, smelly sweatshirt even in the most awkward settings? The girl is missing her guy. And if that sweatshirt is yours, you better take her love seriously. Women take ample time to scrutinize every detail of her dressing. So when you see a girl rock such a piece, don’t bother approaching her with a serious intention.

4. She puts it on to find her place

Few women can stand a guy with a smaller body frame than themselves. Girls love men with a well-built body towering over them. They feel protected, safe, and significantly small in relation to their boyfriends.

So a woman will feel the same when she clads in your oversized sweatshirt. You’ll often find her crouched on her couch covered in it. Ask her for a selfie, and if this is true, know you are a winner- the guy of the moment.

5. Your piece is her collateral

Collateral is any item pledged as a guarantee that a granted loan will be paid. Words are never enough to tell a girl that you love her. If she gives you her heart, get your sweatshirt and let her put it on. She needs it to assure her that you’ll be back after your trip, or work if you work hours apart. Should you break up, she’ll return it tearfully or, probably, cling to it and later set it ablaze to help her move on.

Just let her have it. Let go of that sweatshirt. It’s more than a cloth item.