Three better alternatives to Houssem Aouar Arsenal can look into


In partnering with the Flaming Hairdryer, we take a look at three better alternatives for Arsenal they could consider this summer. It’s no secret that one of the Gunner’s main targets this window is the Olympique Lyon frontman. His brilliant performance has caught the attention of Europe’s top teams and his club’s need to raise funds has made the 22-year-old, a fee Arsenal will have to sell players first to achieve. The Gunners initially offered Frenchman Matteo Guendouzi in a swap deal, but Lyon, according to reports swiftly rejected that offer. However, the north London club’s slowness to reach the Ligue 1 club asking price for their prized asset has seen Juventus as an odds favourite on casino website for his signature.

In a report from ESPN Deportes, Juventus have reached a €65m agreement for Houssem Aouar, with €25m being paid this summer and €40m next. If true, Arsenal will have to look elsewhere in the market to satisfy Mikel Arteta’s demands.

That being said, let’s take a quick look at three players’ Gooner news outfit could look into as an alternative before the window shuts.

1. Marcel Sabitzer

What Mikel Arteta is looking for in a midfield acquisition is a creative force that can bridge the gap between attack and midfield. Former Real Madrid and Germany midfielder Mesut Ozil’s time at the club is coming to an end as he’s off the ball work rate isn’t up to the manager’s liking. Also, the Emirates outfits finished 15th in the Premier League table last season for chances created, something Marcel Sabitzer would help to address.

The versatile RB Leipzig midfielder has been a driving force for the German team in recent years. Last season, the Austrian created 2.2 chances per 90 minutes for his team. In terms of productivity, the 26-year-old has 16 goals and 11 assists to his name in 44 games. According to Transfermarkt, RB Leipzig would be willing to part ways with him for just over £30 million- two thirds the price of Aouar.

2. Emi Buendia

In the past concluded season, there weren’t many players out there creative than Emi Buendia. Despite playing in a poor side like Norwich City, the 23-year-old midfielder was a standout player in the Premier League. As an attacking midfielder, Buendia can be deployed to play out wide too. The Argentine played his part for the Canaries last season by creating 3.1 chances per 90 minutes for the club. However, he was only able to notch seven assists in 36 games due to the poor conversion rate of his teammates.

The 23-year-old has proved that he can hack it amongst the Premier League’s best and wouldn’t look out of place at a top 6 club. His vision, ability to bring others into the game, close control in tight spaces, and composure in the final third will make a perfect fit for Arteta’s Arsenal. Due to the relegation of Norwich, Buendia should be available on the market for £15-£20m.

3. Jack Grealish

England’s best midfielder has been linked with a move away from Villa Park for what feels like an eternity. It’s clear that his talent is bigger than Aston Villa but the club’s valuation of him has scared off suitors. And now on Wednesday, Jack Grealish has signed a new 5-year deal to keep him in Birmingham till 2025. It’s unclear as to whether his new contract will have a release clause or not. Grealish still has ambitions to play in Europe and today’s news will not change those aspirations.

Last season, Grealish created 2.6 chances per 90 and had 18 direct goal involvements in 41 games.  The midfielder has had to carry his teammates on his back and was the sole reason for them avoiding relegation by 1 point. In a bigger and better team, the midfielder would have less of a burden to carry. Arsenal may not be able to afford Jack Grealish in one sum, but a payment structure could quite easily be agreed upon.

While Liverpool and Manchester City are currently favorites to win the Premier League title as per uk online casino games, the former return to being favourite is mostly down to their win last year while the Citizen is pure bookies favourites, Arsenal’s odds to make top four this season should be invested on. Early in the season, it’s typical for last year’s winning team to be the bookmakers’ top pick, but this usually changes as more games are played. Liverpool has odds ranging from +5 to +6 to lift the trophy again in 2021 and have started the season on the right foot, beating the new boys Leeds United 4-3 in their first game.

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