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Three Innovative Technologies That Are Used in Online Gambling

The rapid development of iGaming is largely connected with the unprecedented progress in mobile technologies. Even though the first smartphone appeared only about 20 years ago, today, mobile gambling revenues account for almost half of the online sector turnover.

Obviously, such gambling platforms as the Casino Kingdom still have enough space for innovations. What influences the development of online gambling and what technologies does this industry use today? Let’s take a look at the top-3 improvements.

1. VR/AR technologies

Modern VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies are used in many spheres of life and gambling is not an exception. VR technologies transfer online casino visitors to a new reality, for example, a world-famous casino from the past. At the same time, AR improvements allow adding extra elements to the real world.

Fans of gambling enthusiastically welcomed these innovations. With their help, players can feel the reality of the game, for example, feel like sitting at a gambling table and even chat with a rival. Therefore, western gaming clubs have almost completely switched to a new format, where any player can put on a VR headset and be transported into the fascinating world of digital reality.

2. PWA applications

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are gaining more and more fans every day. Companies like Apple and Google almost immediately noticed their great potential and supported this development. It is not surprising that online casinos are also starting to actively use these apps.

The distinctive feature of PWA technology is that with its help the user can install the application of interest directly in the browser and not use online stores. Due to the growing popularity of online apps and the desire of users to do everything on the go, it is quite logical that online casinos are actively using PWA to attract new customers.

3. Big data

This technology has revolutionized internet marketing. It is based on the analysis of very large amounts of information, for which new methods are applied. Online casinos use Big data for various purposes:

  • They collect information about their visitors and their behavior;

  • They process data about the competitors;

  • They follow the legislative changes in different countries;

  • They make up-to-date analytical reports to build their work as efficiently as possible.

For example, information about the behavior of players allows a gambling establishment to analyze the likelihood of a successful launch of a new product. Bookmakers, in turn, use this technology to improve the accuracy of their predictions.

Big data

Besides, Big data helps to ensure a high level of security, which is very important for online casinos. By analyzing the behavior of players, special programs can identify cheaters by their actions before they can damage the institution or other players.

In Conclusion

As you can see, technological progress affects many areas of life and online gambling is not an exception. We believe that further implementation of the above innovations can greatly improve the work of any establishment.

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