Three inventive ways to make the most of your boring staircase


How do your stairs make you feel?

If the answer is uninspired – and let’s face it, if you’re reading this then it probably is – there ARE things you can do to change that.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room before we get started – that’s right, cost.

The stairs are one of the most prominent parts of any multi-storey home, and can often be the first thing you see when you walk through the door. So it goes without saying that upgrading such a big structural aspect of your home could be costly. But – it doesn’t need to be, and today we’re focusing on those cheap wins that can help your stairs bring you a little bit of joy when you look at them.

So without further ado – let’s jump in, shall we?

1. Never underestimate what a lick of paint can do

If you’ve neglected your stairs for several years, the chances are that the paintwork is marked, a little grubby and possibly even chipped and faded. Not to mention that the colour went out of fashion several years ago!

If this sounds familiar, then you might be surprised at how effective a few fresh coats of paint can be. It doesn’t need to be a huge job that involves redecorating the entire area and, depending on the rest of the space, you could even get away with just painting the stairs and bannister. So, assess the situation before choosing your paint shade.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do your stairs work as a stand alone feature?
  2. Or, does your hallway and landing require an updated paint job to match the new stairs?

Once you have determined how much painting is needed, you can then go about picking up the best colourways for your space. Remember, small areas or spaces which lack natural light are better suited to brighter, lighter shades to give the illusion of more space!

2. Add a touch of cosiness with soft furnishings

Carpet runners are back in fashion but did you know that this simple addition can completely transform how your stairs look, making them much more inviting and cosy?

Whilst painting your stairs will certainly cost less than carpet, it can be an extremely worthwhile way to invest some money as not only does it offer a complete overhaul to the look of the area, but it can make your home much more enticing to potential buyers if you’re thinking of selling up any time soon.

3. Focus on the handrails

If your budget is modest but your stairs havent seen an upgrade in several years, you could just focus on upgrading the handrails and spindles. This not only saves you having to make big (expensive) changes to the stairs themselves, but can also give you unexpected flexibility and freedom of design.

Whether you fancy traditional wood or modern metal spindles, there are so many stairs parts to choose from that you’ll be surprised at how much you can do!

There we have it – if your stairs no longer spark joy, you know what to do! These ideas may not be revolutionary, but they can save you unecessary expense whilst still providing an area that looks great and makes you feel at home. And what more could you ask for?

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