Tik Tok for business: content examples

Now I will not argue with foaming at my mouth that TikTok is not a platform for schoolchildren, and it can be very useful for promoting a business. Better I will reveal in the article all the subtleties of how to use tik tok for business, for which niches it is more suitable, what to publish in it and how to design a profile so that it sells.

Which business is suitable

No matter how rosy everything is, maintaining a channel on this social network will not be effective in every business. Therefore, now I will please someone, and upset someone (but only a little – we have articles in our blog about other ways to promote on the Internet).

1. Mass market – good

If the consumer of your products is a wide segment of the population, and the process of making a purchase decision does not take the client much time, be sure to think about creating an account on TikTok. Ideal for TikTok and bloggers (beginners and experienced).

I’m talking about clothing stores, footwear, children’s toys, beauty salons, furniture salons, car maintenance – any areas of selling popular goods and services that can be demonstrated to users. Look, for example, at the number of profile likes below. They are popular.

2. A rare market and B2B is bad

If your product is complex, rare, or you work with B2B, then it is better to give preference to another, more official network, for example Facebook.

In b2b, it is difficult to demonstrate services to customers; for this, they usually use detailed commercial offers with accurate calculations. In addition, the process of providing services is quite lengthy, and the price tag is high.

Tik Tok is more tailored to the masses, as I said, so complex niches, as in the screenshot, will not achieve the desired popularity.

What to make a video about at Tik Tok

Tik Tok is, in any case, an entertaining social network, so whatever you publish, it must be presented in the format of some funny, creative videos. Below are the main directions that you need to combine with a common idea of ​​entertainment content for potential customers.

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  1. Reviews. Show your products from different angles, familiarize users with operating instructions, etc. The more information customers receive about a product, the sooner they will want to buy it.
  2. Reviews. You can collect them immediately after purchasing or providing a service by recording a video for Tik Tok. Or ask the client to post a review about you in a personal account on a social network with a mark of your profile. After publishing it, you can repost to your page.
  3. Announcements. Invite people to visit your store, motivate them to take part in a promotion or a drawing. Remember that tik tok is not only an entertainment platform, but also a tool for online and offline sales.
  4. Question / answer. A very popular rubric. In advance, collect relevant questions from subscribers, for example, in the comments and record the answers on camera. To make it easier to watch, make subtitles with the text of the questions.
  5. News. Keep your audience up to date with the latest events, regularly post videos with new products. This increases subscriber loyalty and motivates them to buy.
  6. Vacancies. Make a video about current vacancies of your company and publish it on the channel. Especially relevant for companies interested in young employees for remote work.
  7. Portfolio. Place it in video format or photo slideshow with music. This will help potential clients assess your professionalism and speed up the process of making a decision to order a service.
  8. Expertise. Show it off by posting video life hacks and helpful tips for your industry. Remember to get creative, as the construction company did in the example below.
  9. Employees. Introduce potential clients to the firm’s employees. Record each employee’s story on camera about their role and mission in the company. You can do this in the format of a fun dance flash mob, for example. Such videos fit perfectly into tik tok.
  10. Facts. Tell us interesting facts about your company or your partners, demonstrate the main statistics: the number of completed orders, the number of satisfied customers, etc. Such information inspires confidence and increases loyalty.
  11. Certificates. Confirm your qualifications in the field of work, publish meaningful certificates and diplomas in the form of a slideshow or short video. Videos like these increase your expertise

in the eyes of the audience and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Registration of an account

If you are in the first group, and your niche is suitable for TikTok followers, then now we will analyze how to design your business channel. That is, I will talk about the chips that will make the company’s account a selling one.

1. Profile name

A short title displayed at the top of the page. For this line, channels are indexed in the search, so for a business account it is better to specify the name of a niche or field of activity by which target users can easily find it.

Feature 1. Keyword. Use it in your profile name. This way you can be easily found by target users interested in your topic.

Feature 2. Geo. To increase the flow of targeted traffic, specify not only the name of the niche, but also the geolocation. This will help attract offline visitors to your salon and weed out non-target customers.

Trick 3. Smilies. Use emoji in your account name that reflects your industry. This will make your profile more visible in searches.

Trick 4. Your name. If you are going to promote or support your personal brand through TikTok, then the best solution is to use your name so that users do not confuse you with anyone and recognize you.

2. Avatar

A photo that is displayed on the main profile page, as well as in the right corner when watching videos in the feed above the number of likes and comments. The avatar is visible to all users viewing your content, so its design cannot be ignored.

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Feature 1. Animations. Choose a short video as your avatar instead of a static photo. This is unusual and immediately grabs the attention of users. However, there is one nuance: the video avatar is displayed only in the mobile version of the application, on the desktop it looks static.

Feature 2. Logo. Choose him as your avatar if you are working on tik tok brand awareness or your company is already well known. The logo will lead to a profile of loyal customers who are familiar with your business. And having a starting base of subscribers, it will be much easier for you to move on.

Chip 3. Personal photo. Again, if you are a personal brand, then for greater recognition and less distance with subscribers, use your photo. This has a great impact on loyalty.

Feature 4. Stories. Create an unviewed Story effect on your avatar, similar to Instagram Stories. This feature is a good bait to increase the traffic of the channel, since people already have a reflex to such things.

Story not viewed

Feature 5. Picture on the topic. This is one of the most popular avatars for business accounts. They form an understanding of what the profile is about and exclude the arrival of inappropriate traffic.

3. Profile description

Several lines that are visible only when you log into your account. The main task of this block is to motivate the user to stay on the page.

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Feature 1. USP. Place a unique selling proposition of your company in the description, tell us how you differ from competitors, what chips you provide to subscribers and visitors of offline salons.

Feature 2. Contacts. Specify the details of the office or store so that your subscribers can visit you in person or contact the managers for a personal conversation.

Chip 3. Conditions. Tell us about the terms of delivery of goods, the amount of prepayment, guarantees, delivery times for orders. Answer the most popular customer questions in a thesis that will help you avoid rejections and build trust.

4. Links

Links are used to increase traffic on other company resources, for example, the official website or social media accounts. There are two types – a link in the profile description and a social network icon next to the Add button.

Feature 1. Multilending. Insert a link to it (you can do it using the Taplink service), place in it basic information about the company, services, prices, contacts, reviews. So you will make an additional business card presentation to your profile.

Feature 2. Social networks. Place url of other profiles on social networks with a call to subscribe and follow updates in all sources. A link to Instagram, for example, can be presented as an active icon, which is visual and convenient for users.

5. Tape clips

If we compare the designs of accounts on Instagram and Tik Tok, then the last network does not bother with this issue. However, the first design trends are already beginning to be seen. I advise you to take a closer look at them and protebroadcast on their channels.

Feature 1. Preview templates. Create templates for video covers so that your content has a single recognizable style, and the feed looks beautiful and stylish.

Feature 2. Headings in the preview. Place their names or key messages on the videos, come up with flashy and selling headlines. This will increase the number of views.

Feature 3. Color palette. Guide the tape in a uniform color scheme, use objects of the same color on the rollers or the same background for shooting. This will give an aesthetic look to your channel and make it recognizable over time.

If you still ignore TikTok as a platform for promoting your business, then you are missing out on a lot. Here you can find your target audience, increase brand awareness, increase sales, and even advertise offline stores. In conclusion, I once again give the reasons why TikTok is beneficial for business:

Low competition. In tik tok, there is still little competition among commercial organizations, but there is an opportunity to get high coverage due to trending content;

Opportunities for promotion. PR is actively used through bloggers, you can use cheap services for cheating and promotion, drive traffic from your social networks, etc.;

App popularity. It is actively downloaded by users all over the world. According to statistics, the Russian audience spends more than 40 minutes here every day;

Perspectives. In addition to young people, a large number of people of middle paying age are already sitting in tik tok. Well, teenagers won’t always be teenagers either, don’t forget.