Time to Revamp Your Wardrobe? Check Out These 4 Top Styles for Fall


If you need to revamp your wardrobe before fall gets into full swing, you may be looking for some inspiration and a few suggestions before you start shopping. What styles are going to be popular and trendy once autumn comes? Are there any particular textures or shapes you should be keeping tabs on? And are there specific pieces you should be absolutely sure to include in your revamp?

If you want some inspiration before the fall season ends, you’re certainly in the right place! Autumn is a time of change, and the weather and temperatures also switch dramatically compared to summer. Should you buy that velvet skirt? What do you think about getting a new satin midi dress? If you’re unsure, please continue reading for our suggestions and a breakdown of why we think each piece is perfect for fall.

Slip Into a New Satin Midi Dress

One of many fun and stylish materials on this list is satin, and we think that a new satin midi dress would be the perfect addition to any updated fall wardrobe. Satin is just a little shiny, meaning it gently reflects the light and gives the perception of a warm glow to anyone wearing it. By slipping into a satin midi dress, you can enjoy all of the benefits of this gorgeous material.

A satin midi dress may also be one of the most formal dress suggestions we make on this list, as it is a specialty material you won’t necessarily see in everyone’s closet. We’ve found that a satin midi dress can pair very well with ankle boots and light or neutral-colored stockings. This makes a satin midi dress one of the best pieces in your wardrobe for fall if you enjoy a sweet but sexy look in the fall season.

Add a Beautiful Velvet Skirt

We also recommend adding a bit of crushed velvet into your wardrobe for fall, as this fabric is sure to keep you warm and looking fashionable. If you want to give it a try for the first time, try finding a velvet skirt that you like the fit of and pairing it with a few of your favorite graphic t-shirts.

We’re fans of fit and flare skirts, as any pleating and folds catch a lot of light and reflect it back. This works similarly to the satin midi dress we discussed earlier. However, if you prefer a more fitted look, don’t be afraid to give a velvet skirt in this style too.

Experiment With a Lace-Up Corset Top

We’ve all likely noticed that corsets have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, and there’s no questioning why this is the case. Certain television shows and movies set in the past have heavily featured them in their wardrobes, and a corsetted look seems to flatter nearly every body shape that comes to mind.

Corset tops are so popular because they do a couple of things that feel special: they cinch in the waist, and they also feature a lace-up detail. Lacing often implies effort, but it’s also a feature and accent that isn’t typically featured in most clothing items. This makes a corset, whether it’s a standalone piece or as part of a more significant clothing item, feel unique and interesting.

Corsets also draw a lot of attention, as the lace-up detail and cinched-in waist add quite a bit of visual interest to passersby. And most people love the look of a cinched waist, adding the look of curves and making them more exaggerated. Depending on how far you go with your lacing, you may even make other parts of your body—such as your chest and hips—look more voluptuous and full.

Be Daring With a Pair of Platform Boots

While your first thought about fall may not involve platform boots, we guarantee that these are an accessory you’ll want in your closet year-round once you try them. Extremely visually appealing, platform boots add a lot of height and can theoretically balance out certain outfits. This balancing is especially likely if you find that many of your outfits are top-heavy, which is more common as the temperature begins to lower in the fall season.

If you’d like to utilize your platform boots all year, try finding a pair you like in a neutral color, like black or brown. This is a great way to ensure you can wear your new favorite shoes with as many outfits as you would like. However, at least if you have the budget, you don’t need to be afraid of getting a pair of platform boots in a bright color.


If you like updating your wardrobe every season, we know how you feel! Clothing is a vital part of showcasing your personality and tastes, so don’t be afraid to experiment with items you love, even if they wouldn’t be considered closet staples. Regardless, if you were looking for more inspiration for your fall wardrobe, we hope you found our suggestions helpful.

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