Tinder Boost Explained – Best Time to Use It & How It Works

Torn between purchasing a Tinder boost or not? Have you recently purchased one and don’t know where to start or how even to optimize it? Looking for a potential match can be easy and challenging if you don’t work on your profile.

Generally, this can be beneficial for some users, especially for men and women with average looks. However, it still varies with the context, like if you have an above-average look, it can help you get more matches and surely is worth it. At the same time, having a decent profile while doing your thing will help a lot.

Is Tinder Boost Worth It?

Tinder boost enables your account to be on top of every potential match in your area for about 30 minutes. It will give your profile at least 10X more seen and swiping than usual. Once you have activated this booster, you’ll have higher chances of finding a good match.

While their tinder boost is highly effective, this will still vary with the profile quality you have. If you haven’t tried an increase yet, you can get one anytime you are swiping on various profiles inside the app.

In case you worry about others might see or notice you are using a boost, this will only be visible to you. That’s why it’s best to plan your next boost to ensure you’ll find the perfect match. If it’s your first time wondering when is the best time to use Tinder boost, then read along as we’ll give you complete details, tips, and techniques to make the most of it.

Buying a boost is undoubtedly worth it if you are determined to find the perfect match as it places your profile on top of all searches, and more faces will notice you than your usual days of swiping.

How Does Tinder Boost Works?

Whether you live in a crowded place and you’ve been swiping for some time but cannot find a good match for you, a boost will increase your presence by 10x for 30 minutes. Here’s how Tinder boost works:

Once you activate it, it sends your profile on top searches near you.

It won’t improve your profile but will increase your exposure to potential matches.

There’s no fixed price for a boost, and it changes dynamically. Tinder users have been purchasing boosts ranging between $1.99 to $6 each. There are various ways to get a boost, either purchasing them separately or getting a complimentary one that’s included on your subscription.

The surge of pricing for every boost varies with your internal desirability, age, and location. You may opt for a bundle boost and get discounts. You are not obliged to use your boost instantly after your purchase. Get a hold of it for a while and use it whenever you feel like you need some boost when swiping.

When Is The Most Excellent Time For You To Use A Tinder Boost

Making the most of your boost requires a little help and additional tips and techniques from app experts. So, when should you use your boost? Is there a specific time for it?

There are two answers if you want to get great results.

First, Sunday and Monday

From various studies and mobile app user’s behavior, the best and most popular time for you to activate those boosts is during peak hours of Sunday around 9 pm. While others will claim higher match rates are between 6 pm to 9 pm, the most increased overall Tinder activity is around 5 pm to 10 pm.

Second, when you have optimized your profile, so there are no wasted opportunities

Gathering high-quality matches when you use a boost is not a guarantee, but it ensures your profile gets in front of potential matches or improves your chances. However, it’s also your responsibility to ensure your profile is looking good to attract more partners.

If you have a lousy profile, your boost will not help you find the right match for you. Your profile can tell a lot about your success rate when using a boost.

Timing and a good profile are the two essential factors that affect the overall result of your search.

Finding the perfect match to make the most of your boost is vital. You must also avoid a few mistakes that may put all your effort down the drain.

1. Never use a boost when you haven’t checked or fixed your profile. You’ll waste money buying boost as other users will see and reject your profile instantly.

2. Never use the boost when you’re doing something, AKA, busy. You’ll lose the chance to talk or connect with a new match if you’re preoccupied with something else.

3. Never use the boost when in a different location. You’ll have fewer boost options when you’re in a new area.


Using your Tinder boost and getting successful matches is based on proper timing and profile quality. Aside from your looks, getting great matches requires a few tweaks in your profile. You don’t need to have the most attractive face, but a decent profile will surely get you to the perfect matches.