Tips and Tricks for Playing Online Solitaire


Solitaire is one of the classic card games out there that is still being enjoyed by a lot of people today. It is also among the very first card games that people were able to play on their computers. When it was first introduced, it helped people become familiar with using a mouse to click, drag, and drop items on the computer screen. While it is still played on desktops, it is also being enjoyed today on mobile phones and other devices. At the present time, people can play Solitaire online.

There are many different types of Solitaire online, and some of them require more skills than others. A lot of people are also wondering whether the game requires luck or strategy to be able to win. But that actually depends on the type or version of the game that you play. But whether you rely on luck or not, there are some useful tips that you can try, which can help you optimize your playing strategy. If you are curious about those, read on as we’re giving you some tips and tricks for playing online solitaire.

Learn the rules of the game

It is important that you learn the rules of Solitaire first before you start playing. This way, you will have a higher chance of winning as you know and understand what you are supposed to do. In addition to that, you also need to understand the specific features if you are playing modern or newer types of solitaire online.

Almost all solitaire games are played with one or more standard 52 card decks. As a player, what you need to do is build different foundations in sequence and suit by releasing and placing specific cards into position. First, you need to learn how to set up solitaire. This is an important and challenging part. The setup consists of four main areas, which are the stock, talon, tableau, and foundations. Knowing how these cards are used and where they are placed is an important step to learning and winning the game.  You can also check out free solitaire for more great options.

Always try to target larger stacks first

It is also a good idea to expose columns with big stacks first when targeting hidden cards. This way, you will have a better chance of revealing more useful cards that you can utilize to build piles of revealed cards. It is also important that you start by moving all the cards from the stockpile. Once the moves are made, it is time to deal with the cards that can be dealt from the deck.

Distribute tableau piles evenly

One of the common mistakes that a lot of players make is trying to complete a single pile. If you have a choice to sustain two piles with four piles and combine them to create a single pile of 8, leave them separate if you are not going to reveal a downcard. It is a good idea to leave small piles separate as you will get a wider choice of sets, particularly after revealing your downcard. If you have room for only two stacks, you should try making them opposite the other. For example, if the King in the first pile is red, try to make the King of the next pile black.

Learn to move fast when playing timed Solitaire

playing cards

When you play in a casino, Solitaire is not usually scored on time. However, when you play online or join a tournament, time will definitely affect the final score. With this, you need to be fast when it comes to moving cards so that you can get a big bonus after playing. Also, keep in mind that in timed solitaire, you can defeat your opponent who has successfully built foundation piles, even if you did not. However, it can be challenging.

When filling spaces, try to think about color

Choosing to fill a spot with a red or black King is a huge move that you need to think about wisely. Keep in mind that the King’s color determines the color order of the particular pile until you finish the game. With this, you need to analyze the cards carefully and make sure that you will not get stuck when stacking piles. Also, you need to maintain the right order. With this, you need to master the basic requirements of the moves you can make to do this.

For example, foundation piles are created from Aces to Kings as per the suit. Sequences, on the other hand, are arranged from Kings to Aces, and players need to arrange them in alternate cards of different colors. Therefore, it is essential to plan your moves.

Pay attention to the face-down cards first

Face-down cards are the most challenging to handle, and they offer low mobility. Therefore, you should not ignore the option of freeing them if you have it. Also, if you can play this card from the stockpile, it is always a good choice to play it on the tableau. Mostly, players need to aim for the longest face-down piles. It can be challenging to build foundation piles in the early stages, but it is not a bad thing. What you can do is allow some cards to rest in the stockpile as they can help give you moves later on if ever you get stuck.

Try to make stacks of similar suits

This is an essential tip, especially for the end game. When you do this, you will be able to work up to free a stuck card from the face-down cards. However, know that this can also be impossible in some cases. It is wise to keep this choice in mind when you run out of choices.

Do not empty a spot without a king

Avoid removing all the cards from the slots without any plan. It’s because when you empty tableau spots without a King, the spaces will remain empty since Kings can only fill these spots. Therefore, the whole column of play will be blocked unless you can reveal a King from your other cards. Remember to move cards only when it is needed. It can be tempting to move cards from one pile to another, but this could lead to locking up valuable cards of various colors behind lower cards.

Don’t be afraid to try different strategies

If you struggle when it comes to revealing down-cards or adding cards to your foundation, trying out different strategies can help. But you also have to note that not all Solitaire games are winnable. Therefore, if you have done all strategies and you are still not winning, then you may be stuck in an impossible scenario. Also, keep in mind that a good play is making the highest score using a few moves.

Where to Play Online Solitaire?

If you are looking for a good website to play online solitaire, one of the best we can recommend is It offers players to try playing classic Solitaire games, such as Spider, FreeCell, and Klondike for free. You can access these games via Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android. It is also great if you want to practice different strategies, as it offers unlimited undos and hints. The site also has the rules of the game summed up, which is perfect for beginners.


Solitaire is among the best online card games that you can play when you want to relax your mind and have fun. It can help you improve both short-term and long-term memory, as well as cognitive functions. We hope the strategies we shared in this article can help you improve your Solitaire playing skills.

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