Tips for Achieving 40 Points in IB Diploma Program

IB diplomas are becoming more popular today owing to the many benefits they have in relation to a student’s academic pursuits.

Securing an IB diploma can increase your chances of getting accepted into your dream university and even improve your scholarship opportunities.

Getting an IB score above 40 is definitely possible but not easy.

You will have to be consistent and clever about how you study the subjects. Be determined to solve as many IB question papers as you can find.

If you are dead set on scoring 40 points, you might find the following tips helpful.

Be Wise With Your Subject Choices

The subjects you choose in your IB diploma program will not only affect your grades but also your chances of getting into the university you want.

With the variety of subject choices, students often find themselves having a hard time knowing what to pick.

While picking your subjects, make sure to keep a few things in mind.

  • Take a look at the subject requirements of the universities that you want to apply to. They might require you to have a minimum grade in certain subjects so make sure you choose those in your program.
  • After you have shortlisted the essential subjects, make a separate list of the subjects universities prefer. Choosing these subjects can strengthen your chances of getting into the program you like.
  • Choose subjects you like or are aligned with your career choice. Not only will they give you a good foundation for your career but they will also enable you to score higher.

Make The Most Out Of Your Classes

Many people have the habit of not paying attention in class because they think they can figure out the concepts at home by themselves.

While this may work at times, it is not a very clever strategy since you will end up wasting a lot of time.

Pay attention in all your classes and focus on everything your teacher says. More than fifty percent of the learning takes place in class, and learning the same thing afterward will become so much easier.

Try staying on track and going through your notes the same day they are taken.

Create A Study Schedule

Although many will consider this an old-fashioned tip, it is still very effective today.

Planning your study timings and laying them out on paper is proven to be highly effective at motivating people to study.

Plan appropriate breaks in between so you don’t get burned out.

Your study plan should be devised strategically with more hours devoted to the difficult and essential subjects.

For example, if you have a difficult time with Chemistry, you should spend more time on it and make use of extra resources to help you out.

On the other hand, if you struggle with writing, consider practicing it daily or make use of writing tools to help you out. The IB examination process gives a lot of emphasis on writing submissions, so be proactive and get professional ToK essay help online.

Go Through The Syllabus

Going through your syllabus is very important because you will get a clear idea of what you can expect in your exams.

As long as you cover everything which is included in the syllabus you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Make sure you check the most recent and updated syllabus because the older versions might have small changes!

Get Help If Necessary

If you have a hard time figuring out certain concepts don’t hesitate to ask for help from your teachers or friends.

Not every individual learns or understands things at the same pace. Some might require additional help while some won’t need it.

If you need extra classes or feel like tuition might help you, go for it.

The later you wait to get help, the more difficult it will become to cover all your portions on time.

Indulge In Extra – Curricular Activities

While your studies are definitely important don’t hesitate to let loose once in a while and take a break from all the work!

Taking part in extracurricular activities or engaging in social events will give you the much-needed boost you need to tackle all your studies.


Try not to get too overwhelmed or stressed about your IB exam.

If you haven’t scored well and you are bent on getting better marks, you can always retake your exams if your IB school allows it.